US Albany class

US Baltimore class

Guided-Missile Cruiser


Guided-Missile Cruiser Albany class

These ships were originally WWII era Baltimore class vessels which were heavily modified with aluminum superstructures and the first operational SAM systems. CG-13 Oregon City and CG-14 Fall River conversions were cancelled

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1962 US Leahy class
1962         US CGN Bainbridge class
1964         US Belknap class
1967                 US CGN Truxtun class
1974                         US CGN California class
1976                                 US CGN Virginia class


17500full load (tn)
205length (m)
21beam (m)
9draught (m)
32max speed (knots)
120000power (shp)

4Naval Engine boilers
4Naval Engine steam turbines

2Missile Launcher Mk 11 Tartar
2Missile Launcher Mk 12 Talos

1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
US US Navy Sikorsky S-58 H-34 01

  List of Ships

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19581980USUS NavyCG-10USS Albany
19581980USUS NavyCG-11USS Chicago
19591975USUS NavyCG-12USS Columbus
19621993USUS NavyCG-16Leahy class USS Leahy
19621996USUS NavyCGN-25Bainbridge class USS BainbridgeNJUL
19631993USUS NavyCG-17Leahy class USS Harry E. YarnellNHEY
19631993 sunk 2000USUS NavyCG-18Leahy class USS WordenNQRA
19631994 sunk 2000USUS NavyCG-19Leahy class USS Dale
19631994USUS NavyCG-21Leahy class USS GridleyNHBJ
19631994USUS NavyCG-22Leahy class USS EnglandNLXZ
19631994USUS NavyCG-23Leahy class USS HalseyNCXF
19641995 sunk 1998USUS NavyCG-20Leahy class USS Richmond K. TurnerNRKT
19641993 sunk 2001USUS NavyCG-24Leahy class USS ReevesNIEM
19641995 sunk 1998USUS NavyCG-26Belknap class USS Belknap
19651994USUS NavyCG-27Belknap class USS Josephus Daniels
19661993 sunk 2002USUS NavyCG-28Belknap class USS WainwrightNGHX
19661994 sunk 2007USUS NavyCG-29Belknap class USS JouettNZTV
19661994 sunk 2005USUS NavyCG-32Belknap class USS William H. StandleyNWHS
19661994USUS NavyCG-33Belknap class USS FoxNFOX
19671994 sunk 2008USUS NavyCG-30Belknap class USS HorneNBXW
19671994USUS NavyCG-31Belknap class USS SterettNUKJ
19671993USUS NavyCG-34Belknap class USS Biddle NMYE
19671995USUS NavyCGN-35Truxtun class USS Truxtun
19741999USUS NavyCGN-36California class USS CaliforniaNKIN
19751999USUS NavyCGN-37California class USS South CarolinaNLVQ
19761994USUS NavyCGN-38Virginia class USS Virginia
19771993USUS NavyCGN-39Virginia class USS Texas NTEX
19781997USUS NavyCGN-40Virginia class USS MississippiNGGD
19801998USUS NavyCGN-41Virginia class USS Arkansas NARK

29 units


1958-nov-01CommissionedCommissioned US CG-10 USS Albany reclassified as CG-10
1958-nov-01RefitRefit US CG-10 USS Albany as Albany class
1958-nov-01CommissionedCommissioned US CG-11 USS Chicago reclassified as CG-11
1959-jul-01RefitRefit US CG-11 USS Chicago as Albany class
1959-sep-30CommissionedCommissioned US CG-12 USS Columbus reclassified as CG-12
1962-nov-03 US CG-10 USS Albany refit ended
1964-may-02 US CG-11 USS Chicago refit ended
1967-mar-01RefitRefit US CG-10 USS Albany at Boston Naval Shipyard
1968-nov-09 US CG-10 USS Albany refit ended
1975-jan-31DecommissionedDecommissioned US CG-12 USS Columbus
1976 US CG-10 USS Albany flagship of the 6th Fleet
1976-aug-09StruckStruck US CG-12 USS Columbus
1977-oct-03Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US CG-12 USS Columbus Port Newark, NJ
1980-mar-01DecommissionedDecommissioned US CG-11 USS Chicago
1980-aug-29DecommissionedDecommissioned US CG-10 USS Albany
1984-jan-31StruckStruck US CG-11 USS Chicago
1990Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US CG-10 USS Albany
1992Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US CG-11 USS Chicago

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