Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class

Originally designated as Guided Destroyers (DLG) were reclassified as cruisers in 1975. In the 1980s they replaced their 3 in./50 guns with Harpoon launchers and CIWS Phalanx.

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US CGN Bainbridge class 1962
US Belknap class 1964
                        US CGN Truxtun class 1967
                                                US CGN California class 1974
                                                                        US CGN Virginia class 1976


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7800full load (tn)
167length (m)
17beam (m)
7.60draught (m)
8000range (nm)
32max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
2Missile Launcher Mk 10 Terrier
3Naval Gun Mark 22 3/50 inch (76 mm)
1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Bath Iron Works - 3
US Bethlehem San Francisco - 1
US New York Shipbuilding - 2
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island2
US Todd Pacific Shipyards, San Pedro - 1

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCG-16USS Leahy19621993
USUS NavyCGN-25Bainbridge class USS BainbridgeNJUL19621996
USUS NavyCG-17USS Harry E. YarnellNHEY19631993
USUS NavyCG-18USS WordenNQRA19631993
USUS NavyCG-19USS Dale19631994
USUS NavyCG-21USS GridleyNHBJ19631994
USUS NavyCG-22USS EnglandNLXZ19631994
USUS NavyCG-23USS HalseyNCXF19631994
USUS NavyCG-20USS Richmond K. TurnerNRKT19641995
USUS NavyCG-24USS ReevesNIEM19641993
USUS NavyCG-26Belknap class USS Belknap19641995
USUS NavyCG-27Belknap class USS Josephus Daniels19651994
USUS NavyCG-28Belknap class USS WainwrightNGHX19661993
USUS NavyCG-29Belknap class USS JouettNZTV19661994
USUS NavyCG-32Belknap class USS William H. StandleyNWHS19661994
USUS NavyCG-33Belknap class USS FoxNFOX19661994
USUS NavyCG-30Belknap class USS HorneNBXW19671994
USUS NavyCG-31Belknap class USS SterettNUKJ19671994
USUS NavyCG-34Belknap class USS BiddleNMYE19671993
USUS NavyCGN-35Truxtun class USS Truxtun19671995
USUS NavyCGN-36California class USS CaliforniaNKIN19741999
USUS NavyCGN-37California class USS South CarolinaNLVQ19751999
USUS NavyCGN-38Virginia class USS Virginia19761994
USUS NavyCGN-39Virginia class USS TexasNTEX19771993
USUS NavyCGN-40Virginia class USS MississippiNGGD19781997
USUS NavyCGN-41Virginia class USS ArkansasNARK19801998

26 units


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1958-sep-7OrderedUS CG-16 USS Leahy as DLG-16
1958-nov-7OrderedUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell as DLG-17
1958-nov-7OrderedUS CG-18 USS Worden as DLG-18
1958-nov-7OrderedUS CG-19 USS Dale as DLG-19
1959-dec-3Laid downUS CG-16 USS Leahy
1960-may-31Laid downUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell
1960-jul-1Laid downUS CG-24 USS Reeves as DLG-24
1960-jul-15Laid downUS CG-21 USS Gridley as DLG-21
1960-aug-26Laid downUS CG-23 USS Halsey as DLG-23
1960-sep-6Laid downUS CG-19 USS Dale
1960-oct-4Laid downUS CG-22 USS England as DLG-22
1961-jan-9Laid downUS CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner as DLG-20
1961-jul-1LaunchedUS CG-16 USS Leahy
1961-jul-31LaunchedUS CG-21 USS Gridley
1961-sep-19Laid downUS CG-18 USS Worden
1961-dec-9LaunchedUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell
1962-jan-15LaunchedUS CG-23 USS Halsey
1962-mar-6LaunchedUS CG-22 USS England
1962-may-12LaunchedUS CG-24 USS Reeves
1962-jun-2LaunchedUS CG-18 USS Worden
1962-jun-28LaunchedUS CG-19 USS Dale
1962-aug-4CommissionedUS CG-16 USS Leahy
1963-feb-2CommissionedUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell
1963-apr-6LaunchedUS CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner
1963-may-25CommissionedUS CG-21 USS Gridley
1963-jul-20CommissionedUS CG-23 USS Halsey
1963-aug-3CommissionedUS CG-18 USS Worden
1963-nov-23CommissionedUS CG-19 USS Dale
1963-dec-7CommissionedUS CG-22 USS England
1964-may-15CommissionedUS CG-24 USS Reeves
1964-jun-13CommissionedUS CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner
1967-mar-18AircraftUS CG-21 USS Gridley UH-2C 149762 accident
1975-jun-30US CG-16 USS Leahy reclassified as CG-16
1975-jun-30US CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell reclassified as CG-17
1975-jun-30US CG-18 USS Worden reclassified as CG-18
1975-jun-30US CG-19 USS Dale reclassified as CG-19
1975-jun-30US CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner reclassified as CG-20
1975-jun-30US CG-21 USS Gridley reclassified as CG-21
1975-jun-30US CG-22 USS England reclassified as CG-22
1975-jun-30US CG-23 USS Halsey reclassified as CG-23
1975-jun-30US CG-24 USS Reeves reclassified as CG-24
1977-mar-11AircraftUS CG-18 USS Worden SH-2F 150142 accident
1990-jun-27Port VisitUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell to Gydnia with USS Kaufmann, departed 30 Jun.
1993-oct-1DecommissionedUS CG-16 USS Leahy
1993-oct-1DecommissionedUS CG-18 USS Worden
1993-oct-20DecommissionedUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell
1993-nov-12DecommissionedUS CG-24 USS Reeves
1994-jan-21DecommissionedUS CG-21 USS Gridley
1994-jan-21DecommissionedUS CG-22 USS England
1994-jan-28DecommissionedUS CG-23 USS Halsey
1994-sep-27DecommissionedUS CG-19 USS Dale
1995-mar-31DecommissionedUS CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner
1998-aug-9Fate: sunkUS CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner as a target
2000Fate: sunkUS CG-19 USS Dale as a target
2000-jun-17Fate: sunkUS CG-18 USS Worden as a target at 22 57.1 N 160 0.2 W
2001-may-31Fate: sunkUS CG-24 USS Reeves as a target
2002Fate: scrappedUS CG-17 USS Harry E. Yarnell
2003Fate: scrappedUS CG-23 USS Halsey
2004Fate: scrappedUS CG-22 USS England
2004-junFate: scrappedUS CG-16 USS Leahy Brownsville, Texas
2005Fate: scrappedUS CG-21 USS Gridley

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