IT Durand de la Penne class

IT Audace class
Guided-Missile Destroyer


Guided-Missile Destroyer Durand de la Penne class

Formely known as Audace migliorata (Improved Audace) later Animoso class with the ships named Animoso and Ardimentoso and finally de la Penne Class. They were succeeded by the Franco-Italian design Orizzonte


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4500light (tn)
5400full load (tn)
147length (m)
16beam (m)
5draught (m)
7000range (nm)
32max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel - Grandi Motori Trieste BL-230-20-DVM
2Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
1Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
1Missile Launcher 8-cell Albatros
1Missile Launcher ASW Otobreda / Matra Milas
1Missile Launcher Mk 13
8Missile Launcher OTOMAT Mk2 SSM launcher
3Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
1Naval Gun Otobreda 127 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm
1Chaff and decoys AN/SLQ-25 Nixie
1Aids TACAN URN-25
1Combat Systems SADOC 2 (IPN-10/20)
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPS-52
1Naval Radar air search radar MM/SPS-702
2Naval Radar fire direction radar AN/SPG-51
4Naval Radar fire direction radar MM/SPG-76 (RTN-30X)
1Naval Radar navigation radar MM/SPN 703
1Naval Radar search radar Selenia MM/SPS 768 (RAN 3L)
1Sonar hull mounted sonar DE 1167


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    Typical Max
IT Italian Navy Agusta AB212 22
IT Italian Navy AW eh.101 01
IT Italian Navy NHI NH90 NFH 12

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante2

List of Ships

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ITItalian NavyD 560Luigi Durand de la PenneIADP - D5601993--
ITItalian NavyD 561Francesco MimbelliIAFM - D5611993--

2 units


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1988Laid downIT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne
1989Laid downIT D 561 Francesco Mimbelli
1989-oct-20LaunchedIT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne
1991-apr-13LaunchedIT D 561 Francesco Mimbelli
1993-mar-18CommissionedIT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne
1993-oct-18CommissionedIT D 561 Francesco Mimbelli
1995-jun-10Port VisitIT D 561 Francesco Mimbelli visit Edinburgh, UK with AB212 7-48
1996-jul-12IT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Start a circumnavigation of the globe trip with Lupo class F584 Bersagliere
1997-jan-25Port VisitIT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Melbourne, Australia
1997-apr-4IT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Finish circumnavigation of the globe after 46000 miles and 35 ports visits from 23 nations
2002-feb-11IT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne to Arabic Sea for Operation Enduring Freedom
2002-jun-17IT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Back from Arabic Sea
2006IT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Mimosa 06 operation: a non combatant evacuation of civilians from Beirut
2009-jun-19Port VisitIT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
2014-aug-8Port VisitIT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Weekend visit to London on 8 Aug 2014. Unknown helicopter embarked. Departed 13 Aug.

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