Guided-Missile Destroyer CNGF class

The Horizon Common New Generation Frigate multinational anti-air warfare vessels were requested by Britain, France and Italy after the failed NATO Frigate Replacement (NFR-90) project. Britain withdrawal in 1999 to pursue its own national design which resulted in the Type 45 destroyer. The Franco-Italian project go ahead launching the fist ship, Forbin on 2005

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
IT Orizzonte class 2007
FR Horizon class 2008

List of Ships

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ITItalian NavyD 553Orizzonte class Andrea DoriaIADO2007--
FRFrench NavyD620Horizon class Forbin2008--
ITItalian NavyD 554Orizzonte class Caio DuilioIADU2009--
FRFrench NavyD621Horizon class Chevalier Paul2009--

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