SG Formidable class

FR La Fayette class

Guided-Missile Frigate


Guided-Missile Frigate Formidable class


helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
SG Republic of Singapore Air Force Sikorsky S-70B 11


FR DCNS - Lorient - 1
SG ST Marine - Benoi Road5

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2007--SGSingapore Navy68RSS FormidableS6KI
2008--SGSingapore Navy69RSS IntrepidS6KJ
2008--SGSingapore Navy70RSS Steadfast S6KK
2008--SGSingapore Navy71RSS TenaciousS6KL
2009--SGSingapore Navy72RSS StalwartS6KM
2009--SGSingapore Navy73RSS SupremeS6KN

6 units


2004-jan-07LaunchedLaunched SG 68 RSS Formidable at Lorient
2004-jul-03LaunchedLaunched SG 69 RSS Intrepid
2005-jan-28LaunchedLaunched SG 70 RSS Steadfast
2005-jul-15LaunchedLaunched SG 71 RSS Tenacious
2005-dec-09LaunchedLaunched SG 72 RSS Stalwart
2006-may-09LaunchedLaunched SG 73 RSS Supreme
2007-may-05CommissionedCommissioned SG 68 RSS Formidable
2007-sep-04DeploymentDeployment SG 68 RSS Formidable Exercise Malabar 07-2 Participated in multi-national exercise in Bay of Bengal, until 9 Sep.
2008-feb-05CommissionedCommissioned SG 69 RSS Intrepid
2008-feb-05CommissionedCommissioned SG 71 RSS Tenacious
2008-may-05CommissionedCommissioned SG 70 RSS Steadfast
2009-jan-16CommissionedCommissioned SG 72 RSS Stalwart
2009-jan-16CommissionedCommissioned SG 73 RSS Supreme
2016-apr-12DeploymentDeployment SG 68 RSS Formidable Exercise Komodo 2016 participated in MNEK 2016
2019-may-14Port VisitPort Visit SG 68 RSS Formidable IMDEX Asia 2019 attended IMDEX Asia 2019.

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