TW Kang Ding class

FR La Fayette class


Frigate Kang Ding class


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1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm


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    Typical Max
TW ROCN Sikorsky S-70C 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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FR DCNS - Lorient - 6

List of Ships

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TWROCNFFG-1202ROCS Kang Ding1996--
TWROCNFFG-1203ROCS Si Ning1996--
TWROCNFFG-1205ROCS Kun Ming1997--
TWROCNFFG-1206ROCS Di Hua1997--
TWROCNFFG-1207ROCS Wu Chang1997--
TWROCNFFG-1208ROCS Chen Te1998--

6 units


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1992OrderedTW FFG-1202 ROCS Kang Ding
1992OrderedTW FFG-1203 ROCS Si Ning
1992OrderedTW FFG-1205 ROCS Kun Ming
1992OrderedTW FFG-1206 ROCS Di Hua
1992OrderedTW FFG-1207 ROCS Wu Chang
1992OrderedTW FFG-1208 ROCS Chen Te
1993-aug-26Laid downTW FFG-1202 ROCS Kang Ding
1994-mar-12LaunchedTW FFG-1202 ROCS Kang Ding
1994-apr-27Laid downTW FFG-1203 ROCS Si Ning
1994-nov-5LaunchedTW FFG-1203 ROCS Si Ning
1994-nov-7Laid downTW FFG-1205 ROCS Kun Ming
1995-may-13LaunchedTW FFG-1205 ROCS Kun Ming
1995-jul-1Laid downTW FFG-1206 ROCS Di Hua
1995-jul-1Laid downTW FFG-1207 ROCS Wu Chang
1995-nov-27LaunchedTW FFG-1206 ROCS Di Hua
1995-nov-27LaunchedTW FFG-1207 ROCS Wu Chang
1995-dec-27Laid downTW FFG-1208 ROCS Chen Te
1996-may-24CommissionedTW FFG-1202 ROCS Kang Ding
1996-aug-2LaunchedTW FFG-1208 ROCS Chen Te
1996-sep-15CommissionedTW FFG-1203 ROCS Si Ning
1997-feb-26CommissionedTW FFG-1205 ROCS Kun Ming
1997-aug-14CommissionedTW FFG-1206 ROCS Di Hua
1997-dec-16CommissionedTW FFG-1207 ROCS Wu Chang
1998-jan-16CommissionedTW FFG-1208 ROCS Chen Te

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