Guided-Missile Cruiser Belknap class

The next generation of DLG frigates have a single missile launcher (for both SAM Terrier and ASW ASROC) in order to leave space to add an hangar. Reclassified as guided cruisers in 1975 and reffited with Harpoons/Standards and CIWS Phalanx in the 1980s

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US CGN Truxtun class 1967
                        US CGN California class 1974
                                                US CGN Virginia class 1976


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7900full load (tn)
167length (m)
17beam (m)
8.80draught (m)
32max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
1Missile Launcher Mk 10 Terrier
1Naval Gun Mark 42 5/54 inch (127mm)


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH 01
US United States Naval Aviation Kaman Seasprite 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Bath Iron Works - 5
US Bethlehem San Francisco - 1
US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island2
US Todd Pacific Shipyards, San Pedro - 1

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCG-26USS Belknap19641995
USUS NavyCG-27USS Josephus Daniels19651994
USUS NavyCG-28USS WainwrightNGHX19661993
USUS NavyCG-29USS JouettNZTV19661994
USUS NavyCG-32USS William H. StandleyNWHS19661994
USUS NavyCG-33USS FoxNFOX19661994
USUS NavyCG-30USS HorneNBXW19671994
USUS NavyCG-31USS SterettNUKJ19671994
USUS NavyCG-34USS BiddleNMYE19671993
USUS NavyCGN-35Truxtun class USS Truxtun19671995
USUS NavyCGN-36California class USS CaliforniaNKIN19741999
USUS NavyCGN-37California class USS South CarolinaNLVQ19751999
USUS NavyCGN-38Virginia class USS Virginia19761994
USUS NavyCGN-39Virginia class USS TexasNTEX19771993
USUS NavyCGN-40Virginia class USS MississippiNGGD19781997
USUS NavyCGN-41Virginia class USS ArkansasNARK19801998

16 units


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1962-feb-5Laid downUS CG-26 USS Belknap as DLG-26
1962-apr-23Laid downUS CG-27 USS Josephus Daniels
1962-jul-2Laid downUS CG-28 USS Wainwright
1962-sep-25Laid downUS CG-29 USS Jouett
1962-sep-25Laid downUS CG-31 USS Sterett
1962-dec-12Laid downUS CG-30 USS Horne
1963-jan-15Laid downUS CG-33 USS Fox
1963-jul-20LaunchedUS CG-26 USS Belknap
1963-jul-29Laid downUS CG-32 USS William H. Standley
1963-dec-2LaunchedUS CG-27 USS Josephus Daniels
1963-dec-9Laid downUS CG-34 USS Biddle
1964-apr-25LaunchedUS CG-28 USS Wainwright
1964-jun-30LaunchedUS CG-29 USS Jouett
1964-oct-30LaunchedUS CG-30 USS Horne
1964-nov-7CommissionedUS CG-26 USS Belknap
1964-nov-21LaunchedUS CG-33 USS Fox
1964-dec-19LaunchedUS CG-32 USS William H. Standley
1965-may-8CommissionedUS CG-27 USS Josephus Daniels as DLG-27
1965-jun-30LaunchedUS CG-31 USS Sterett
1965-jul-2LaunchedUS CG-34 USS Biddle
1966-jan-8CommissionedUS CG-28 USS Wainwright as DLG-28
1966-may-8CommissionedUS CG-33 USS Fox as DLG-33
1966-jul-9CommissionedUS CG-32 USS William H. Standley as DLG-32
1966-dec-3CommissionedUS CG-29 USS Jouett as DLG-29
1967-jan-21CommissionedUS CG-34 USS Biddle as DLG-34
1967-apr-8CommissionedUS CG-31 USS Sterett as DLG-31
1967-apr-15CommissionedUS CG-30 USS Horne as DLG-30
1971AircraftUS CG-33 USS Fox YSH-2E prototype trials at San Diego
1973-marAircraftUS CG-31 USS Sterett SH-2D 152198 from HSL-31 Det.1 accident between Guam and the Philippines
1974-oct-4US CG-32 USS William H. Standley Towed the USS Vreeland (FF-1068) in the MED due to serious boiler trouble
1975US CG-33 USS Fox Westpac 75-76
1975-jun-30US CG-26 USS Belknap reclassified as CG-26
1975-jun-30US CG-27 USS Josephus Daniels reclassified as CG-27
1975-jun-30US CG-28 USS Wainwright reclassified as CG-28
1975-jun-30US CG-29 USS Jouett reclassified as CG-29
1975-jun-30US CG-30 USS Horne reclassified as CG-30
1975-jun-30US CG-31 USS Sterett reclassified as CG-31
1975-jun-30US CG-32 USS William H. Standley reclassified as CG-32
1975-jun-30US CG-33 USS Fox reclassified as CG-33
1975-jun-30US CG-34 USS Biddle reclassified as CG-34
1975-nov-22US CG-26 USS Belknap Severely damaged in a collision with aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy off the coast of Sicily, Italy. The following fire melted, burned and gutted to the deck level her aluminum superstructure
1976-jan-30RefitUS CG-26 USS Belknap reconstruction at Philadelphia Navy Yard up to 10may80
1977-mar-10AircraftUS CG-31 USS Sterett SH-2 Sea Sprite crashed in the mid-Pacific approaching the cruiser during routine flight operations, detachment of HSL-33
1978US CG-33 USS Fox WestPac
1980US CG-33 USS Fox WestPac 80-81
1987RefitUS CG-34 USS Biddle air search radar ITT Gilfillan AN/SPS-48E early 1987 refit as first of the NTU upgrades to the AN/SPS-48 long range, 3D air search and targetting radar
1990US CG-34 USS Biddle with a seasprite onboard during Operation Desert Shield
1991-novDeploymentUS CG-33 USS Fox WestPac 92, SH-2F HSL-35 Det.4 161899
1993-nov-15DecommissionedUS CG-28 USS Wainwright
1993-nov-30DecommissionedUS CG-34 USS Biddle
1994-jan-22DecommissionedUS CG-27 USS Josephus Daniels
1994-jan-28DecommissionedUS CG-29 USS Jouett
1994-feb-4DecommissionedUS CG-30 USS Horne
1994-feb-11DecommissionedUS CG-32 USS William H. Standley
1994-mar-24DecommissionedUS CG-31 USS Sterett
1994-apr-15DecommissionedUS CG-33 USS Fox
1995Fate: scrappedUS CG-33 USS Fox
1995-feb-15DecommissionedUS CG-26 USS Belknap
1995-dec-15StruckUS CG-26 USS Belknap
1998-sep-24Fate: sunkUS CG-26 USS Belknap as a target
1999Fate: scrappedUS CG-27 USS Josephus Daniels Brownsville, Texas
2000-dec-4Fate: scrappedUS CG-34 USS Biddle Metro Marine Corporation, Philadelphia
2002Fate: sunkUS CG-28 USS Wainwright as a target
2005-jun-25Fate: sunkUS CG-32 USS William H. Standley as a target with Elliot (DD-967) off the eastern coast of Australia during Talisman Sabre exercise
2005-jul-29Fate: scrappedUS CG-31 USS Sterett Brownsville, Texas
2007-augFate: sunkUS CG-29 USS Jouett target during Operation Valiant Shield 2007
2008Fate: sunkUS CG-30 USS Horne as a target

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