US Truxtun class

US Belknap class

Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered)


Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Truxtun class

Like with the USS Bainbridge the Belknap class cruisers have a nuclear version although in this case the resulting ship was heavily modified

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1974 US California class
1976         US Virginia class


2Naval Engine nuclear - pressurised water reactor

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
US US Navy Kaman Seasprite 11


US New York Shipbuilding - 1

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19671995USUS NavyCGN-35USS Truxtun
19741999USUS NavyCGN-36California class USS CaliforniaNKIN
19751999USUS NavyCGN-37California class USS South CarolinaNLVQ
19761994USUS NavyCGN-38Virginia class USS Virginia
19771993USUS NavyCGN-39Virginia class USS Texas NTEX
19781997USUS NavyCGN-40Virginia class USS MississippiNGGD
19801998USUS NavyCGN-41Virginia class USS Arkansas NARK

7 units


1963-jun-17Laid downLaid down US CGN-35 USS Truxtun
1964-dec-19LaunchedLaunched US CGN-35 USS Truxtun
1967-may-27CommissionedCommissioned US CGN-35 USS Truxtun as DLGN-35
1975-jun-30 US CGN-35 USS Truxtun reclassified as CGN-35
1995-sep-11DecommissionedDecommissioned US CGN-35 USS Truxtun
1999-apr-16Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US CGN-35 USS Truxtun nuclear vessels recycling program

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