Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Virginia class

Fifth and last generation of nuclear powered cruisers, the class was early retired as a result of the cold war end but mainly as a money-saving measure due they were less cost-efficient than conventionally-powered warships. During their 1980s refit they replaced their LAMPS helicopters by Tomahawk cruise missiles. CGN-42 was canceled before being named or laid down


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11600full load (tn)
179length (m)
19beam (m)
10draught (m)
30max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine nuclear - pressurised water reactor
2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
2Missile Launcher Mk 26
2Naval Gun Mark 45 5/54 inch (127mm)


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Kaman Seasprite 02

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US Newport News Shipbuilding - 4

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCGN-38USS Virginia19761994
USUS NavyCGN-39USS TexasNTEX19771993
USUS NavyCGN-40USS MississippiNGGD19781997
USUS NavyCGN-41USS ArkansasNARK19801998

4 units


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1971-dec-21OrderedUS CGN-38 USS Virginia as DLGN-38
1971-dec-21OrderedUS CGN-39 USS Texas as DLGN-39
1972-jan-21OrderedUS CGN-40 USS Mississippi as DLGN-40
1972-aug-19Laid downUS CGN-38 USS Virginia
1973-aug-18Laid downUS CGN-39 USS Texas
1974-dec-14LaunchedUS CGN-38 USS Virginia
1975-jan-31OrderedUS CGN-41 USS Arkansas
1975-feb-22Laid downUS CGN-40 USS Mississippi
1975-aug-9LaunchedUS CGN-39 USS Texas
1976-jul-31LaunchedUS CGN-40 USS Mississippi
1976-sep-11CommissionedUS CGN-38 USS Virginia as CGN-38
1977-jan-17Laid downUS CGN-41 USS Arkansas
1977-sep-10CommissionedUS CGN-39 USS Texas as CGN-39
1978-aug-5CommissionedUS CGN-40 USS Mississippi as CGN-40
1978-oct-21LaunchedUS CGN-41 USS Arkansas
1980US CGN-39 USS Texas with a Sea King flying by
1980-oct-18CommissionedUS CGN-41 USS Arkansas
1993-jul-16DecommissionedUS CGN-39 USS Texas
1994-nov-10DecommissionedUS CGN-38 USS Virginia
1997-jul-28DecommissionedUS CGN-40 USS Mississippi
1998-jul-7DecommissionedUS CGN-41 USS Arkansas
1999-nov-1Fate: scrappedUS CGN-41 USS Arkansas nuclear vessels recycling program
2001-oct-30Fate: scrappedUS CGN-39 USS Texas nuclear vessels recycling program
2002-oct-10Fate: scrappedUS CGN-38 USS Virginia nuclear vessels recycling program
2004-octFate: scrappedUS CGN-40 USS Mississippi nuclear vessels recycling program

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