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  • US Cleveland class

    US St. Louis class


    Cruiser Cleveland class

    Light cruisers designed and built during World War II with the goal of increased range and AA armament as compared with earlier classes. Many ships of the class were reffited during the 1950s as Guided Missiles Cruisers

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US CG Galveston class 1958
    US CG Providence class 1959


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    US Fore River Shipyard - 3
    US William Cramp and Sons - 3

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyCL-66USS Springfield19441949
    Providence class CLG-7 USS Springfield 19601974
    USUS NavyCL-67USS Topeka19441949
    Providence class CLG-8 USS Topeka 19601969
    USUS NavyCL-91USS Oklahoma City19441947
    Galveston class CLG-5 USS Oklahoma City 19601979
    USUS NavyCL-82USS Providence19451949
    Providence class CLG-6 USS Providence 19591973
    USUS NavyCL-92USS Little Rock19451949
    Galveston class CLG-4 USS Little Rock 19601976
    USUS NavyCL-93USS Galveston19571957
    Galveston class CLG-3 USS Galveston 19581970

    6 units


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    1942-dec-8Laid downUS CL-91 USS Oklahoma City as Galveston class
    1943-feb-13Laid downUS CL-66 USS Springfield as Cleveland class
    1943-mar-6Laid downUS CL-92 USS Little Rock as Cleveland class
    1943-apr-21Laid downUS CL-67 USS Topeka as Cleveland class
    1943-jul-27Laid downUS CL-82 USS Providence as Cleveland class
    1944-feb-20LaunchedUS CL-91 USS Oklahoma City
    1944-mar-9LaunchedUS CL-66 USS Springfield
    1944-aug-19LaunchedUS CL-67 USS Topeka
    1944-aug-27LaunchedUS CL-92 USS Little Rock
    1944-sep-9CommissionedUS CL-66 USS Springfield
    1944-dec-22CommissionedUS CL-91 USS Oklahoma City
    1944-dec-23CommissionedUS CL-67 USS Topeka
    1944-dec-28LaunchedUS CL-82 USS Providence
    1945-apr-22LaunchedUS CL-93 USS Galveston as Cleveland class
    1945-may-15CommissionedUS CL-82 USS Providence
    1945-jun-17CommissionedUS CL-92 USS Little Rock
    1946-jun-24US CL-93 USS Galveston construction suspended and assigned to reserve fleet
    1947-jun-30DecommissionedUS CL-91 USS Oklahoma City to reserve
    1949DecommissionedUS CL-66 USS Springfield to reserve
    1949-jun-14DecommissionedUS CL-82 USS Providence to reserve
    1949-jun-18DecommissionedUS CL-67 USS Topeka
    1949-jun-24DecommissionedUS CL-92 USS Little Rock to reserve
    1957Fate: transferedUS CL-66 USS Springfield reclassified as CLG-7
    1957Fate: transferedUS CL-67 USS Topeka reclassified as CLG-8
    1957-mayFate: transferedUS CL-82 USS Providence reclassified as CLG-6
    1957-may-23Fate: transferedUS CL-92 USS Little Rock reclassified as CLG-4
    1957-may-23Fate: transferedUS CL-91 USS Oklahoma City reclassified as CLG-5
    1961US CL-66 USS Springfield Helicopter Crash, type unk

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