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  • IT Otobreda 127 mm

    Naval Gun



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    40Rate of fire (round/min)

    Used by

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    1972CA Destroyer Iroquois class1
    1972IT Guided-Missile Destroyer Audace class1
    1982IT Frigate Maestrale class1
    1983AR Destroyer MEKO 360H2 class1
    1993JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Kongo class1
    1993IT Guided-Missile Destroyer Durand de la Penne class1
    2002NL Guided-Missile Destroyer De Zeven Provinciƫn class1
    2003JP Destroyer Takanami class1

    In Service

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    CA Canadian Armed Forces
    IT Italian Navy
    AR Argentine Navy
    JP Japanese Navy
    NL Royal Netherlands Navy

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