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  • US Mitscher class

    US Gearing class


    Destroyer Mitscher class

    Ordered in 1948 all four ships in the class had a different loadout of propulsion and other systems so as to determine the best course of action for future destroyer design. Ordered as Destroyers (DD), were launched as Destroyers Leaders (DL) and reffited in the 1960s with SAM launchers and reclassified as Guided Destroyers (DDG)

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Forrest Sherman class 1955
                            US Farragut class 1955
                                                    US DDG Charles F. Adams class 1960
                                                                            AU DDG Perth class 1965
                                                                            DE DDG Type 103 Lütjens class 1969
                                                                            US DDG Charles F. Adams NTU class 1970
                                                    US DDG Coontz class 1960


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    4800full load (tn)
    150length (m)
    14.50beam (m)
    4.50draught (m)
    80000power (shp)
    4Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    2Naval Gun Mark 12 5/38 inch (127 mm)
    2Rocket Launcher Mk 108 Weapon Alfa ASW mortar
    1Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    US Bath Iron Works - 2
    US Fore River Shipyard - 2

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    USUS NavyDDG-35USS Mitscher19531978
    USUS NavyDDG-36USS John S. McCain19531978
    USUS NavyDL-4USS Willis A. Lee19541969
    USUS NavyDL-5USS Wilkinson19541969
    USUS NavyDL-6Farragut class USS Farragut19551955
    Coontz class DDG-37 USS Farragut 19601989
    USUS NavyDL-7Farragut class USS Luce19551955
    Coontz class DDG-38 USS Luce 19611991
    USUS NavyDL-8Farragut class USS Macdonough19551955
    Coontz class DDG-39 USS Macdonough 19611992
    USUS NavyDDG-45Coontz class USS Dewey19591990
    USUS NavyDDG-2Charles F. Adams class USS Charles F. Adams19601992
    USUS NavyDDG-7Charles F. Adams class USS Henry B. Wilson19601989
    USUS NavyDDG-40Coontz class USS Coontz19601989
    USUS NavyDDG-41Coontz class USS King19601991
    USUS NavyDDG-42Coontz class USS Mahan19601993
    USUS NavyDDG-46Coontz class USS Preble19601991
    USUS NavyDDG-3Charles F. Adams class USS John King19611990
    USUS NavyDDG-8Charles F. Adams class USS Lynde McCormick19611991
    USUS NavyDDG-9Charles F. Adams class USS Towers19611990
    USUS NavyDDG-10Charles F. Adams class USS Sampson19611991
    USUS NavyDDG-11Charles F. Adams class USS Sellers19611989
    USUS NavyDDG-12Charles F. Adams class USS Robison19611991
    USUS NavyDDG-43Coontz class USS Dahlgren19611992
    USUS NavyDDG-44Coontz class USS William V. Pratt19611991
    USUS NavyDDG-4Charles F. Adams class USS Lawrence19621990
    USUS NavyDDG-5Charles F. Adams class USS Biddle19621964
    DDG-5 USS Claude V. Ricketts 19641989
    USUS NavyDDG-6Charles F. Adams class USS Barney19621990
    USUS NavyDDG-13Charles F. Adams class USS Hoel19621990
    USUS NavyDDG-14Charles F. Adams class USS Buchanan19621991
    USUS NavyDDG-15Charles F. Adams class USS Berkeley19621990
    GR Hellenic Navy D221 HHMS Themistocles 19922002
    USUS NavyDDG-18Charles F. Adams class USS Semmes19621991
    GR Hellenic Navy D218 HHMS Kimon 19912004
    USUS NavyDDG-16Charles F. Adams class USS Joseph Strauss19631990
    GR Hellenic Navy D220 HHMS Formion 19922002
    USUS NavyDDG-17Charles F. Adams class USS Conyngham19631990
    USUS NavyDDG-19Charles F. Adams NTU class USS Tattnall19631991
    USUS NavyDDG-20Charles F. Adams NTU class USS Goldsborough19631993
    AU RAN D 40 parts hulk 19931993
    USUS NavyDDG-21Charles F. Adams class USS Cochrane19641990
    USUS NavyDDG-22Charles F. Adams NTU class USS Benjamin Stoddert19641991
    USUS NavyDDG-23Charles F. Adams class USS Richard E. Byrd19641990
    GR Hellenic Navy spare parts 19931993
    USUS NavyDDG-24Charles F. Adams class USS Waddell19641992
    GR Hellenic Navy D219 HHMS Nearchos 19922003
    USUS NavyDDG-25Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Australia19641964
    Perth class AU RAN D 38 HMAS Perth 19651999
    USUS NavyDDG-26Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Australia19641964
    Perth class AU RAN D 39 HMAS Hobart 19652000
    USUS NavyDDG-27Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Australia19661966
    Perth class AU RAN D 41 HMAS Brisbane 19672001
    USUS NavyDDG-28Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Germany19691969
    Type 103 Lütjens class DE German Navy D185 Lütjens 19692003
    USUS NavyDDG-29Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Germany19691969
    Type 103 Lütjens class DE German Navy D186 Mölders 19692003
    USUS NavyDDG-30Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Germany19701970
    Type 103 Lütjens class DE German Navy D187 Rommel 19701998

    43 units


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    1948OrderedUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher as DD-927
    1948OrderedUS DDG-36 USS John S. McCain as DD-928
    1948OrderedUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee as DD-929
    1948OrderedUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson as DD-930
    1949-oct-3Laid downUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher
    1949-oct-24Laid downUS DDG-36 USS John S. McCain
    1949-nov-1Laid downUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee
    1950-feb-1Laid downUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson
    1951-feb-2US DDG-35 USS Mitscher reclassified as DL-2
    1951-feb-9US DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee reclassified as DL-4
    1951-feb-9US DL-5 USS Wilkinson reclassified as DL-5
    1952-jan-26LaunchedUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher
    1952-jan-26LaunchedUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee
    1952-apr-23LaunchedUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson
    1952-jul-12LaunchedUS DDG-36 USS John S. McCain as DL-3
    1953-may-15CommissionedUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher
    1953-oct-12CommissionedUS DDG-36 USS John S. McCain
    1954-jul-29CommissionedUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson
    1954-oct-5CommissionedUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee
    1966-marRefitUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher to 1968 as DDG-35
    1967-mar-15US DDG-36 USS John S. McCain reclassified as DDG-36
    1969-dec-19DecommissionedUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee
    1969-dec-19DecommissionedUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson
    1972-may-15StruckUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee
    1973-may-18Fate: scrappedUS DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee
    1974-may-1StruckUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson
    1975-jun-13Fate: scrappedUS DL-5 USS Wilkinson Luria Brothers, Philadelphia
    1978-apr-29DecommissionedUS DDG-36 USS John S. McCain
    1978-jun-1DecommissionedUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher
    1980-janFate: scrappedUS DDG-36 USS John S. McCain
    1980-julFate: scrappedUS DDG-35 USS Mitscher

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