US Allen M. Sumner class

US Fletcher class



Destroyer Allen M. Sumner class

A six-gun derivative of the Fletcher design characterized by their twin-gun turrets, dual rudders and additional anti-aircraft weapons. 70 ships were originally laid down and many were transferred later to foreign Navies.

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1944 US Gearing class
1953         US Mitscher class
1955                 US Forrest Sherman class
1955                         US Farragut class
1960                                 US DDG Charles F. Adams class
1965                                         AU DDG Perth class
1969                                         DE DDG Type 103 Lütjens class
1970                                         US DDG Charles F. Adams NTU class
1960                                 US DDG Coontz class


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Typical Max
BR Brazilian Navy Westland Wasp 01


US Bath Iron Works - 1
US Bethlehem Mariners Harbor - 1
US Bethlehem San Francisco - 4
US Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company - 6
US Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle - 1

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19441973USUS NavyDD-697USS Charles S. Sperry
19741990 CL Chilean Navy D-16 Ministro Zenteno
19441973USUS NavyDD-699USS Waldron
19731986 CO Colombian Navy DD-03 ARC Santander
19441972USUS NavyDD-702USS Hank
19721983 AR Argentine Navy D-25 ARA Segui
19441972USUS NavyDD-704USS Borie
19721984 AR Argentine Navy D-26 ARA Bouchard
19441972USUS NavyDD-705USS Compton
19721990 BR Brazilian Navy D34 Mato Grosso
19441970USUS NavyDD-730USS Collett
19771985 sunk 1988 AR Argentine Navy D-29 ARA Piedra Buena
19441973USUS NavyDD-770USS Lowry
19731996 BR Brazilian Navy D38 Espirito Santo
19441973USUS NavyDD-779USS Douglas H. Fox
19741990 sunk 1998 CL Chilean Navy D-17 Ministro Portales
19451972USUS NavyDD-709USS Hugh PurvisNTFS
19721993 TR Turkish Navy D356 TCG Zafer
19451972USUS NavyDD-711Gearing class USS Eugene A. Greene
19721989 sunk 1991 ES Spanish Navy D-61 Churruca
19451969 sunk 1969USUS NavyDD-754USS Frank E EvansNTKB
19451973USUS NavyDD-758USS Strong
19731996 sunk 1997 BR Brazilian Navy D37 Rio Grande do Norte
19451973USUS NavyDD-776USS James C. Owens
19731995 BR Brazilian Navy D35 Sergipe
19451973USUS NavyDD-841Gearing class USS Noa
19731991 ES Spanish Navy D-65 Blas de Lezo
19451970USUS NavyDD-859Gearing class USS NorrisNBFE
1973-- TR Turkish Navy D354 TCG Kocatepe
19451973USUS NavyDD-875Gearing class USS Henry W. Tucker
19731994 sunk 1994 BR Brazilian Navy D25 Marcilio Dias
19451973USUS NavyDD-877Gearing class USS Perkins
19731984 sunk 1987 AR Argentine Navy D-27 ARA Comodoro Py
19451973USUS NavyDD-879Gearing class USS Leary
19731992 ES Spanish Navy D-64 Langara
19451972USUS NavyDD-882Gearing class USS Furse
19721991 ES Spanish Navy D-62 Gravina
19451973USUS NavyDD-887Gearing class USS Brinkley Bass
19731997 sunk 2000 BR Brazilian Navy D26 Mariz e Barros
19451973USUS NavyDD-889Gearing class USS O Hare
19731992 ES Spanish Navy D-63 Mendez Nuñez
19461979USUS NavyDD-718Gearing class USS Hamner NTXJ
19802003 sunk 2005 TW ROCN DDG-927 ROCS Yun Yang
19461973USUS NavyDD-761USS Buck
19731995 BR Brazilian Navy D36 Alagoas
19461973USUS NavyDD-789Gearing class USS Eversole
19731995 TR Turkish Navy D352 TCG Gayret
19461973USUS NavyDD-853Gearing class USS Charles H Roan
1973-- TR Turkish Navy D351 TCG Maresal Fevzi Cakmak
19461971USUS NavyDD-872Gearing class USS Forrest Royal
19711993 TR Turkish Navy D353 TCG Adatepe
19471972USUS NavyDD-765Gearing class USS KepplerNKPD
19721982 TR Turkish Navy D355 TCG Tinaztepe
19531978USUS NavyDDG-35Mitscher class USS Mitscher
19531978USUS NavyDDG-36Mitscher class USS John S. McCain
19541969USUS NavyDL-4Mitscher class USS Willis A. Lee
19541969USUS NavyDL-5Mitscher class USS Wilkinson
19551955USUS NavyDL-6Farragut class USS Farragut
19601989 Coontz class DDG-37 USS Farragut
19551955USUS NavyDL-7Farragut class USS Luce
19611991 Coontz class DDG-38 USS Luce
19551955USUS NavyDL-8Farragut class USS Macdonough
19611992 Coontz class DDG-39 USS Macdonough
19591990USUS NavyDDG-45Coontz class USS Dewey
19601992USUS NavyDDG-2Charles F. Adams class USS Charles F. Adams
19601989 sunk 2003USUS NavyDDG-7Charles F. Adams class USS Henry B. Wilson
19601989USUS NavyDDG-40Coontz class USS Coontz
19601991USUS NavyDDG-41Coontz class USS King
19601993USUS NavyDDG-42Coontz class USS Mahan
19601991USUS NavyDDG-46Coontz class USS Preble
19611990USUS NavyDDG-3Charles F. Adams class USS John King
19611991 sunk 2001USUS NavyDDG-8Charles F. Adams class USS Lynde McCormick
19611990 sunk 2002USUS NavyDDG-9Charles F. Adams class USS Towers
19611991USUS NavyDDG-10Charles F. Adams class USS Sampson
19611989USUS NavyDDG-11Charles F. Adams class USS Sellers
19611991USUS NavyDDG-12Charles F. Adams class USS Robison
19611992USUS NavyDDG-43Coontz class USS Dahlgren
19611991USUS NavyDDG-44Coontz class USS William V. Pratt
19621990USUS NavyDDG-4Charles F. Adams class USS Lawrence
19621964USUS NavyDDG-5Charles F. Adams class USS Biddle
19641989 DDG-5 USS Claude V. Ricketts
19621990USUS NavyDDG-6Charles F. Adams class USS Barney
19621990USUS NavyDDG-13Charles F. Adams class USS Hoel
19621991 sunk 2000USUS NavyDDG-14Charles F. Adams class USS Buchanan
19621990USUS NavyDDG-15Charles F. Adams class USS Berkeley
19922002 GR Hellenic Navy D221 HHMS Themistocles
19621991USUS NavyDDG-18Charles F. Adams class USS Semmes
19912004 GR Hellenic Navy D218 HHMS Kimon
19631990USUS NavyDDG-16Charles F. Adams class USS Joseph Strauss
19922002 GR Hellenic Navy D220 HHMS Formion
19631990USUS NavyDDG-17Charles F. Adams class USS Conyngham
19631991USUS NavyDDG-19Charles F. Adams NTU class USS Tattnall
19631993USUS NavyDDG-20Charles F. Adams NTU class USS Goldsborough
19931993 AU RAN D 40 parts hulk
19641990USUS NavyDDG-21Charles F. Adams class USS Cochrane
19641991 sunk 2001USUS NavyDDG-22Charles F. Adams NTU class USS Benjamin Stoddert
19641990USUS NavyDDG-23Charles F. Adams class USS Richard E. Byrd
19931993 sunk 2003 GR Hellenic Navy spare parts
19641992USUS NavyDDG-24Charles F. Adams class USS Waddell
19922003 sunk 2006 GR Hellenic Navy D219 HHMS Nearchos
19641964USUS NavyDDG-25Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Australia
19651999 sunk 2001 Perth class AU RAN D 38 HMAS Perth
19641964USUS NavyDDG-26Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Australia
19652000 sunk 2002 Perth class AU RAN D 39 HMAS Hobart
19661966USUS NavyDDG-27Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Australia
19672001 sunk 2005 Perth class AU RAN D 41 HMAS Brisbane
19691969USUS NavyDDG-28Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Germany
19692003 Type 103 Lütjens class DE German Navy D185 Lütjens
19691969USUS NavyDDG-29Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Germany
19692003 Type 103 Lütjens class DE German Navy D186 Mölders
19701970USUS NavyDDG-30Charles F. Adams class Built in USA for Germany
19701998 Type 103 Lütjens class DE German Navy D187 Rommel

70 units


1943-jul-25Laid downLaid down US DD-758 USS Strong
1943-aug-01Laid downLaid down US DD-770 USS Lowry
1943-oct-11Laid downLaid down US DD-730 USS Collett
1943-oct-19Laid downLaid down US DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry
1943-nov-16Laid downLaid down US DD-699 USS Waldron
1944-jan-17Laid downLaid down US DD-702 USS Hank
1944-jan-31Laid downLaid down US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox
1944-feb-01Laid downLaid down US DD-761 USS Buck
1944-feb-06LaunchedLaunched US DD-770 USS Lowry
1944-feb-29Laid downLaid down US DD-704 USS Borie
1944-mar-05LaunchedLaunched US DD-730 USS Collett
1944-mar-13LaunchedLaunched US DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry
1944-mar-26LaunchedLaunched US DD-699 USS Waldron
1944-mar-28Laid downLaid down US DD-705 USS Compton
1944-apr-09Laid downLaid down US DD-776 USS James C. Owens
1944-apr-21Laid downLaid down US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans
1944-apr-23LaunchedLaunched US DD-758 USS Strong
1944-may-16CommissionedCommissioned US DD-730 USS Collett
1944-may-17CommissionedCommissioned US DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry
1944-may-21LaunchedLaunched US DD-702 USS Hank
1944-may-23Laid downLaid down US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis
1944-jun-08CommissionedCommissioned US DD-699 USS Waldron
1944-jul-04LaunchedLaunched US DD-704 USS Borie
1944-jul-23CommissionedCommissioned US DD-770 USS Lowry
1944-aug-28CommissionedCommissioned US DD-702 USS Hank
1944-sep-17LaunchedLaunched US DD-705 USS Compton
1944-sep-21CommissionedCommissioned US DD-704 USS Borie
1944-sep-30LaunchedLaunched US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox
1944-oct-01LaunchedLaunched US DD-776 USS James C. Owens
1944-oct-03LaunchedLaunched US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans
1944-nov-04CommissionedCommissioned US DD-705 USS Compton
1944-dec-17LaunchedLaunched US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis
1944-dec-26CommissionedCommissioned US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox
1945-feb-03CommissionedCommissioned US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans
1945-feb-17CommissionedCommissioned US DD-776 USS James C. Owens
1945-mar-01CommissionedCommissioned US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis
1945-mar-08CommissionedCommissioned US DD-758 USS Strong
1945-mar-11LaunchedLaunched US DD-761 USS Buck
1946-jun-28CommissionedCommissioned US DD-761 USS Buck
1948-dec-14HomeportHomeport US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis arrived at Newport RI
1950-novHomeportHomeport US DD-699 USS Waldron Norfolk, VA.
1951-jan-02DeploymentDeployment US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans Departed San Diego for Korean War deployment with US 7th Fleet and arrived at Yokosuka on 23 Jan. Returned home on 4 Sep.
1951-jun-18Port VisitPort Visit US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans damaged by enemy fire. Repaired at Sasebo and returned to station by 28 Jun.
1952-mar-22DeploymentDeployment US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans Departed San Diego for Korean War deployment with US 7th Fleet and arrived at Yokosuka on 14 Apr. Returned to new homeport (Long Beach) on 6 Nov.
1960-marRefitRefit US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis entered Boston Naval Shipyard for FRAM II upgrade, until late 1960
1960-decRefitRefit US DD-770 USS Lowry FRAM upgrade
1961-feb-06RefitRefit US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans Update at Long Beach Naval Shipyard until 9 Oct 1961.
1962-junRefitRefit US DD-699 USS Waldron entered Norfolk Naval Shipyard for FRAM programme upgrade
1962-julRefitRefit US DD-761 USS Buck FRAM upgrade
1962-octRefitRefit US DD-776 USS James C. Owens FRAM upgrade
1962-novRefitRefit US DD-758 USS Strong FRAM upgrade
1969-jun-03Fate: sunkFate: sunk US DD-754 USS Frank E Evans Collision with HMAS Melbourne
1970-dec-18DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-730 USS Collett
1972-jun-15DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis
1972-jul-01DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-702 USS Hank
1972-jul-01Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-702 USS Hank to Argentina as Segui
1972-jul-01CommissionedCommissioned AR D-25 ARA Segui
1972-jul-01DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-704 USS Borie
1972-jul-01Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-704 USS Borie to Argentina as Hipolito Bouchard
1972-jul-01CommissionedCommissioned AR D-26 ARA Bouchard
1972-jul-01Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis to Turkish Navy
1972-jul-01CommissionedCommissioned TR D356 TCG Zafer ex USS Hugh Purvis
1972-sep-17DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-705 USS Compton
1972-sep-27Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-705 USS Compton to Brazil as Mato Grosso
1972-sep-27CommissionedCommissioned BR D34 Mato Grosso
1973DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-770 USS Lowry
1973-feb-01StruckStruck US DD-709 USS Hugh Purvis from US Navy list
1973-jul-15DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-776 USS James C. Owens
1973-jul-15Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-776 USS James C. Owens to Brazil as Sergipe
1973-jul-15CommissionedCommissioned BR D35 Sergipe
1973-jul-16DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-761 USS Buck
1973-jul-16Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-761 USS Buck to Brazil as Alagoas
1973-jul-16CommissionedCommissioned BR D36 Alagoas
1973-oct-30DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-699 USS Waldron after a second lease of life from c 1950
1973-oct-30Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-699 USS Waldron to Colombian Navy as Santander (DD-03)
1973-oct-30CommissionedCommissioned CO DD-03 ARC Santander as ARC Santander
1973-oct-31Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-770 USS Lowry to Brazil as Espirito Santo
1973-oct-31CommissionedCommissioned BR D38 Espirito Santo
1973-oct-31DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-758 USS Strong
1973-oct-31Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-758 USS Strong to Brazil as Rio Grande do Norte
1973-oct-31CommissionedCommissioned BR D37 Rio Grande do Norte
1973-oct-31StruckStruck US DD-699 USS Waldron from Navy list
1973-dec-15DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry
1973-dec-15DecommissionedDecommissioned US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox
1974-jan-08Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry to Chile as Ministro Zenteno
1974-jan-08Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox to Chile as Ministro Portales
1974-feb-01Fate: transferedFate: transfered US DD-730 USS Collett to Argentina as Piedra Buena
1975 AR D-29 ARA Piedra Buena received as spares but put into service as per good condition
1975RefitRefit CL D-17 Ministro Portales flight deck
1977-may-17CommissionedCommissioned AR D-29 ARA Piedra Buena
1982DeploymentDeployment AR D-26 ARA Bouchard Falklands/Malvinas war
1982DeploymentDeployment AR D-29 ARA Piedra Buena Falklands/Malvinas war
1983DecommissionedDecommissioned AR D-25 ARA Segui
1983Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped AR D-25 ARA Segui
1984DecommissionedDecommissioned AR D-26 ARA Bouchard
1984Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped AR D-26 ARA Bouchard
1985-feb-18DecommissionedDecommissioned AR D-29 ARA Piedra Buena
1988Fate: sunkFate: sunk AR D-29 ARA Piedra Buena as a target
1990Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped CL D-16 Ministro Zenteno
1990DecommissionedDecommissioned CL D-17 Ministro Portales
1990-julDecommissionedDecommissioned BR D34 Mato Grosso
1993StruckStruck TR D356 TCG Zafer and returned to USA for scrapping
1994Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped TR D356 TCG Zafer
1995DecommissionedDecommissioned BR D36 Alagoas
1995DecommissionedDecommissioned BR D35 Sergipe
1996DecommissionedDecommissioned BR D38 Espirito Santo
1996DecommissionedDecommissioned BR D37 Rio Grande do Norte
1997Fate: sunkFate: sunk BR D37 Rio Grande do Norte off Durban, South Africa being towed to India
1998-nov-11Fate: sunkFate: sunk CL D-17 Ministro Portales off Cape Horn

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