Torpedo-boats based on pre-ww2 French Le Fier class reconstructed late 1950s as anti-submarine frigates

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
ES Oquendo class 1960


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1400full load (tn)
90length (m)
9.40beam (m)
3draught (m)
33max speed (knots)
3Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
2Naval Gun Mark 33 3/50 inch (twin 76 mm)
2Naval Gun single 40 mm
2Rocket Launcher Hedgehog ASW
2Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol9

List of Ships

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ESSpanish NavyD-31Audaz19531974
ESSpanish NavyD-32Osado19551972
ESSpanish NavyD-35Rayo19561974
ESSpanish NavyD-34Furor19601974
ESSpanish NavyD-41Oquendo class Oquendo19601978
ESSpanish NavyD-36Ariete19611966
ESSpanish NavyD-37Temerario19641975
ESSpanish NavyD-33Meteoro19651975
ESSpanish NavyD-38Intrepido19651982
ESSpanish NavyD-39Relampago19651975
ESSpanish NavyD-42Oquendo class Roger de Lauria19691982
ESSpanish NavyD-43Oquendo class Marques de la Ensenada19701988

12 units


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1945-jul-14Laid downES D-38 Intrepido
1945-jul-14Laid downES D-33 Meteoro
1945-jul-14Laid downES D-39 Relampago
1945-jul-14Laid downES D-37 Temerario
1945-aug-3Laid downES D-36 Ariete
1945-aug-3Laid downES D-34 Furor
1945-aug-3Laid downES D-32 Osado
1945-aug-3Laid downES D-35 Rayo
1945-sep-26Laid downES D-31 Audaz
1951-jan-24LaunchedES D-31 Audaz
1951-sep-4LaunchedES D-32 Osado
1951-sep-4LaunchedES D-35 Rayo
1953-jun-30CommissionedES D-31 Audaz
1955-feb-24LaunchedES D-36 Ariete
1955-feb-24LaunchedES D-34 Furor
1955-nov-30CommissionedES D-32 Osado
1956-jan-26CommissionedES D-35 Rayo
1960-mar-29LaunchedES D-37 Temerario
1960-sep-9CommissionedES D-34 Furor
1961-feb-7CommissionedES D-36 Ariete
1961-feb-15LaunchedES D-38 Intrepido
1961-feb-15LaunchedES D-33 Meteoro as Atrevido
1961-sep-26LaunchedES D-39 Relampago
1964-mar-16CommissionedES D-37 Temerario
1965-mar-25CommissionedES D-38 Intrepido
1965-mar-25CommissionedES D-33 Meteoro
1965-jul-7CommissionedES D-39 Relampago
1966-feb-25DecommissionedES D-36 Ariete
1972DecommissionedES D-32 Osado
1974DecommissionedES D-31 Audaz
1974DecommissionedES D-34 Furor
1974DecommissionedES D-35 Rayo
1975DecommissionedES D-33 Meteoro
1975DecommissionedES D-39 Relampago
1975DecommissionedES D-37 Temerario
1982DecommissionedES D-38 Intrepido

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