ES Oquendo class

ES Audaz class


Based on the pre-WWII French Le Hardi class originally ordered in 1947 but completed late 1950s heavily modified


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3000full load (tn)
116length (m)
11beam (m)
3.60draught (m)
35max speed (knots)
3Naval Engine boilers
2Naval Engine steam turbines
3Naval Gun Bofors twin 120 mm
6Naval Gun single 40 mm
4Naval Gun single 40 mm
2Rocket Launcher Hedgehog ASW


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    Typical Max
ES Spanish Navy Hughes 369HM 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol3

List of Ships

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ESSpanish NavyD-41Oquendo19601978
ESSpanish NavyD-42Roger de Lauria19691982
ESSpanish NavyD-43Marques de la Ensenada19701988

3 units


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1951-jun-15Laid downES D-41 Oquendo
1951-sep-4Laid downES D-42 Roger de Lauria
1951-sep-4Laid downES D-43 Marques de la Ensenada
1956-sep-5LaunchedES D-41 Oquendo
1958-nov-12LaunchedES D-42 Roger de Lauria
1959-jul-15LaunchedES D-43 Marques de la Ensenada
1960-sep-13CommissionedES D-41 Oquendo
1969-may-30CommissionedES D-42 Roger de Lauria
1970-sep-10CommissionedES D-43 Marques de la Ensenada
1978DecommissionedES D-41 Oquendo
1982DecommissionedES D-42 Roger de Lauria
1988DecommissionedES D-43 Marques de la Ensenada

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