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  • 1951    

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    ES Audaz class 1953
                            ES Oquendo class 1960


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    ES Bazan Cartagena - 2

    List of Ships

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    ESSpanish NavyD-51Liniers19511978
    ESSpanish NavyD-52Alava19511982
    ESSpanish NavyD-31Audaz class Audaz19531974
    ESSpanish NavyD-32Audaz class Osado19551972
    ESSpanish NavyD-35Audaz class Rayo19561974
    ESSpanish NavyD-34Audaz class Furor19601974
    ESSpanish NavyD-41Oquendo class Oquendo19601978
    ESSpanish NavyD-36Audaz class Ariete19611966
    ESSpanish NavyD-37Audaz class Temerario19641975
    ESSpanish NavyD-33Audaz class Meteoro19651975
    ESSpanish NavyD-38Audaz class Intrepido19651982
    ESSpanish NavyD-39Audaz class Relampago19651975
    ESSpanish NavyD-42Oquendo class Roger de Lauria19691982
    ESSpanish NavyD-43Oquendo class Marques de la Ensenada19701988

    14 units


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    1946-apr-30LaunchedES D-51 Liniers
    1951LaunchedES D-52 Alava
    1951-jan-27CommissionedES D-51 Liniers
    1951-dec-16CommissionedES D-52 Alava
    1962RefitES D-51 Liniers
    1978DecommissionedES D-51 Liniers
    1982DecommissionedES D-52 Alava

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