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  • UK Ness class

    Support Ship


    Support Ship Ness class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Sirius class 1981


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    159.50length (m)
    22beam (m)
    7.80draught (m)
    18max speed (knots)


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 01
    UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Swan Hunter (Neptune) - Low Walker2
    UK Swan Hunter (Wallsend) - Wallsend1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA339RFA LynessGSPE - LY19661982
    Sirius class US US Navy T-AFS-8 USNS Sirius 19812005
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA344RFA StromnessGTBH - ST19671983
    Sirius class US US Navy T-AFS-10 USNS Saturn 19832009
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA345RFA TarbatnessGUAJ - TB19671980
    Sirius class US US Navy T-AFS-9 USNS Spica 19812008

    3 units


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    1964-dec-7OrderedUK A339 RFA Lyness
    1964-dec-7OrderedUK A344 RFA Stromness
    1964-dec-7OrderedUK A345 RFA Tarbatness
    1965-apr-1Laid downUK A339 RFA Lyness (Low Walker), Yard No. 2016
    1965-oct-5Laid downUK A344 RFA Stromness (Low Walker), Yard No. 2017
    1966-apr-7LaunchedUK A339 RFA Lyness
    1966-apr-15Laid downUK A345 RFA Tarbatness (Low Walker), Yard No. 2018
    1966-sep-16LaunchedUK A344 RFA Stromness
    1966-dec-22CommissionedUK A339 RFA Lyness to replace RFA Duquesne.
    1967-feb-28LaunchedUK A345 RFA Tarbatness
    1967-aug-10CommissionedUK A344 RFA Stromness
    1967-aug-10CommissionedUK A345 RFA Tarbatness
    1967-oct-9DeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness visit from 78 Sq Wessex HC.2 XR500 for VERTREP, while off Aden.
    1968-sep-10DeploymentUK A345 RFA Tarbatness Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 13 Oct
    1968-oct-14Port VisitUK A345 RFA Tarbatness visit to Newcastle, NSW, following Exercise Coral Sands, until 24 Oct.
    1969-jul-26DeploymentUK A339 RFA Lyness Fleet Review: Ships of the Western Fleet Present at Ships of the Western Fleet review in Torbay.
    1970-apr-17DeploymentUK A345 RFA Tarbatness Apollo XIII splashdown recovery to waters off Mauritius as standby for secondary splashdown site for Apollo XIII recovery
    1970-aug-29Port VisitUK A339 RFA Lyness Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1970.
    1970-novDeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness Operation Burlap to Bay of Bengal to assist in Bhola Cyclone relief efforts
    1970-decAircraftUK A344 RFA Stromness Operation Epigram assigned Wessex HU.5 XT485/K-ST as detached flight until c Feb 1971.
    1974-janDeploymentUK A345 RFA Tarbatness departed UK as support ship for HMS Fife, Flagship of Task Group 317.1 for 9 month Indian Ocean and Australia group deployment in company with HMS Apollo, HMS Argonaut, HMS Ariadne, HMS Danae and HMS Londonderry. Returned to HMNB Devonport on 4 Oct.
    1974-sep-17DeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness departed HMNB Portsmouth to support Task Group 317.2 for Far East deployment, joining with HMS Achilles, HMS Diomede, HMS Falmouth, HMS Leander, HMS Lowestoft, RFA Green Rover, RFA Olna and HMS Blake, returned Jun 1975.
    1975-jul-22DeploymentUK A345 RFA Tarbatness departed UK as support for HMS Glamorgan, flagship of global Task Group 317.3, accompanied by RFA Gold Rover and RFA Tidespring. Escorted by elements of the 8th Frigate Squadron HMS Ajax, HMS Berwick, HMS Plymouth and HMS Rothesay. Returned 14 Apr 1976
    1976-aug-28Port VisitUK A339 RFA Lyness Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1976.
    1977-jan-26DeploymentUK A345 RFA Tarbatness Left Portsmouth with RFA Tidepool and RFA Green Rover for an Atlantic deployment, supporting HMS Tiger and her escort group until May 1977.
    1977-jun-25DeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Hillhead
    1977-sep-5DeploymentUK A345 RFA Tarbatness Departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7.5 month group deployment (TG 317.6) to Australia and Far East, supporting HMS Tiger and in company with HMS Rhyl, RFA Grey Rover, RFA Regent and RFA Tidepool. Returned 20 Apr 1978.
    1978-may-31DeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness departed HMNB Portsmouth supporting HMS Blake, Flagship of Task Group 317.7 for a 6.5 month Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific group deployment in company with HMS Juno, RFA Green Rover and RFA Tidespring. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Ambuscade, HMS Hermione and HMS Leander, returned to UK 12 Dec 1978.
    1980DecommissionedUK A345 RFA Tarbatness
    1981DecommissionedUK A339 RFA Lyness
    1981UK A344 RFA Stromness disposed
    1981-jan-18Fate: transferedUK A339 RFA Lyness to US Sealift Command as Sirius
    1981-aug-29Port VisitUK A344 RFA Stromness Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1981
    1981-sep-30Fate: transferedUK A345 RFA Tarbatness to US Sealift Command as Spica
    1982-aprDeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness Falklands/Malvinas War
    1982-apr-7DeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Portsmouth for South Atlantic, joining with HMS Fearless en route and arriving in theatre 16 May. Departed end of Jun and arrived Portsmouth on 19 Jul 1982.
    1982-apr-7DeploymentUK A344 RFA Stromness Operation Corporate Sailed with 45 Commando Royal Marines embarked
    1983-jan-1DecommissionedUK A344 RFA Stromness
    1983-jan-1Fate: transferedUK A344 RFA Stromness to the US Sealift Command as Saturn

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