UK Daring class



    Derivatives / Succeeded by
UK DDG County class 1962


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
UK Royal Navy AW AW159 Wildcat HMA2 12
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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UK Yarrow - Scotstoun2

List of Ships

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UKRoyal NavyD106HMS DecoyGKYL19531969
PE Peruvian Navy DM-74 BAP Ferre 19732007
UKRoyal NavyD126HMS DianaGKYS19541969
PE Peruvian Navy DM-73 BAP Palacios 19731993
UKRoyal NavyD02County class HMS DevonshireGHFW - DV19621978
UKRoyal NavyD06County class HMS HampshireGHFX - HA19631976
UKRoyal NavyD12County class HMS KentGHFY - KE19631985
UKRoyal NavyD16County class HMS LondonGHFZ - LO19631982
PK Pakistan Navy D-84 PNS Babur 19821993
UKRoyal NavyD19County class HMS GlamorganGKBH - GL19661986
CL Chilean Navy D-14 Almirante Latorre 19861998
UKRoyal NavyD20County class HMS FifeGKBU - FF19661987
CL Chilean Navy D-15 Blanco Encalada 19882003
UKRoyal NavyD18County class HMS AntrimGRTE - AN19701984
CL Chilean Navy D-12 Almirante Cochrane 19842006
UKRoyal NavyD21County class HMS NorfolkGSMU - NF19701981
CL Chilean Navy D-11 Capitan Prat 19822006

10 units


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1946-sep-22Laid downUK D106 HMS Decoy
1947-apr-3Laid downUK D126 HMS Diana
1949-mar-29LaunchedUK D106 HMS Decoy
1952-may-8LaunchedUK D126 HMS Diana
1953-apr-28CommissionedUK D106 HMS Decoy
1954-mar-29CommissionedUK D126 HMS Diana
1969DecommissionedUK D126 HMS Diana
1969Fate: transferedUK D126 HMS Diana to Peru as Palacios
1969DecommissionedUK D106 HMS Decoy
1969Fate: transferedUK D106 HMS Decoy to Peru as Ferre
1970RefitPE DM-73 BAP Palacios at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead until 1973, enclosing foremast and adding Exocet
1970RefitPE DM-74 BAP Ferre at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead
1973-febCommissionedPE DM-73 BAP Palacios
1973-aprCommissionedPE DM-74 BAP Ferre
1975RefitPE DM-73 BAP Palacios removed Squid anti-submarine system and replaced with helicopter landing deck
1975RefitPE DM-74 BAP Ferre removed Squid anti-submarine system to replace with helicopter landing deck
1977PE DM-74 BAP Ferre Dardo air defense system added (as Lupos) and X turret removed to extend Helicopter deck area
1978RefitPE DM-73 BAP Palacios Dardo air defense system added (as Lupos) and X turret removed to extend Helicopter deck area
1993DecommissionedPE DM-73 BAP Palacios
2007-jul-13DecommissionedPE DM-74 BAP Ferre

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