UK Daring class



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1962 UK DDG County class



UK Yarrow - Scotstoun2

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19531969UKRoyal NavyD106HMS DecoyGKYL
19732007 PE Peruvian Navy DM-74 BAP Ferre
19541969UKRoyal NavyD126HMS DianaGKYS
19731993 PE Peruvian Navy DM-73 BAP Palacios
19621978 sunk 1984UKRoyal NavyD02County class HMS DevonshireGHFW - DV
19631976UKRoyal NavyD06County class HMS HampshireGHFX - HA
19631985UKRoyal NavyD12County class HMS KentGHFY - KE
19631982UKRoyal NavyD16County class HMS LondonGHFZ - LO
19821993 PK Pakistan Navy D-84 PNS Babur
19661986UKRoyal NavyD19County class HMS GlamorganGKBH - GL
19861998 sunk 2004 CL Chilean Navy D-14 Almirante Latorre
19661987UKRoyal NavyD20County class HMS FifeGKBU - FF
19882003 CL Chilean Navy D-15 Blanco Encalada
19701984UKRoyal NavyD18County class HMS AntrimGRTE - AN
19842006 CL Chilean Navy D-12 Almirante Cochrane
19701981UKRoyal NavyD21County class HMS Norfolk GSMU - NF
19822006 CL Chilean Navy D-11 Capitan Prat

10 units


1946-sep-22Laid downLaid down UK D106 HMS Decoy
1947-apr-03Laid downLaid down UK D126 HMS Diana
1949-mar-29LaunchedLaunched UK D106 HMS Decoy
1952-may-08LaunchedLaunched UK D126 HMS Diana
1953-apr-28CommissionedCommissioned UK D106 HMS Decoy
1954-mar-29CommissionedCommissioned UK D126 HMS Diana
1969DecommissionedDecommissioned UK D126 HMS Diana
1969Fate: transferedFate: transfered UK D126 HMS Diana to Peru as Palacios
1969DecommissionedDecommissioned UK D106 HMS Decoy
1969Fate: transferedFate: transfered UK D106 HMS Decoy to Peru as Ferre
1970RefitRefit PE DM-73 BAP Palacios at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead until 1973, enclosing foremast and adding Exocet
1970RefitRefit PE DM-74 BAP Ferre at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead
1973-febCommissionedCommissioned PE DM-73 BAP Palacios
1973-aprCommissionedCommissioned PE DM-74 BAP Ferre
1975RefitRefit PE DM-73 BAP Palacios removed Squid anti-submarine system and replaced with helicopter landing deck
1975RefitRefit PE DM-74 BAP Ferre removed Squid anti-submarine system to replace with helicopter landing deck
1977 PE DM-74 BAP Ferre Dardo air defense system added (as Lupos) and X turret removed to extend Helicopter deck area
1978RefitRefit PE DM-73 BAP Palacios Dardo air defense system added (as Lupos) and X turret removed to extend Helicopter deck area
1993DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-73 BAP Palacios
2007-jul-13DecommissionedDecommissioned PE DM-74 BAP Ferre

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