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  • TW Chi Yang class

    US Knox class



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    US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company - Harbor Island1

    List of Ships

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    TWROCNFF-932ROCS Chi Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-933ROCS Fong Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-934ROCS Fen Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-935ROCS Lan Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-936ROCS Hae Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-937ROCS Hwai Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-938ROCS Ni Yang1999--
    TWROCNFF-939ROCS Yi Yang1999--

    8 units


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    1999CommissionedTW FF-938 ROCS Ni Yang
    1999-sep-29CommissionedTW FF-932 ROCS Chi Yang
    1999-sep-29CommissionedTW FF-935 ROCS Lan Yang
    1999-sep-29CommissionedTW FF-936 ROCS Hae Yang
    1999-sep-29CommissionedTW FF-933 ROCS Fong Yang
    1999-sep-29CommissionedTW FF-934 ROCS Fen Yang
    1999-sep-29CommissionedTW FF-937 ROCS Hwai Yang
    1999-oct-18CommissionedTW FF-939 ROCS Yi Yang

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