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4169full load (tn)
138length (m)
14.31beam (m)
29max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
1Missile Launcher Mk 13
1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
1Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm


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    Typical Max
TW ROCN Sikorsky S-70C 12

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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TW Taiwan International Shipbuilding - Heping Island8

List of Ships

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TWROCNPFG-1101ROCS Cheng Kung1993--
TWROCNPFG-1103ROCS Cheng Ho1994--
TWROCNPFG-1105ROCS Chi Kuang1995--
TWROCNPFG-1106ROCS Yueh Fei1996--
TWROCNPFG-1107ROCS Tzu I1997--
TWROCNPFG-1108ROCS Pan Chao1997--
TWROCNPFG-1109ROCS Chang Chien1998--
TWROCNPFG-1110ROCS Tian Dan2004--

8 units


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1990-dec-21Laid downTW PFG-1101 ROCS Cheng Kung
1991-oct-5LaunchedTW PFG-1101 ROCS Cheng Kung
1991-oct-29Laid downTW PFG-1103 ROCS Cheng Ho
1992-oct-15LaunchedTW PFG-1103 ROCS Cheng Ho
1992-oct-30Laid downTW PFG-1105 ROCS Chi Kuang
1993-may-7CommissionedTW PFG-1101 ROCS Cheng Kung
1993-sep-5Laid downTW PFG-1106 ROCS Yueh Fei
1993-oct-3LaunchedTW PFG-1105 ROCS Chi Kuang
1994-mar-28CommissionedTW PFG-1103 ROCS Cheng Ho
1994-aug-7Laid downTW PFG-1107 ROCS Tzu I
1994-aug-28LaunchedTW PFG-1106 ROCS Yueh Fei
1995-mar-4CommissionedTW PFG-1105 ROCS Chi Kuang
1995-jul-13LaunchedTW PFG-1107 ROCS Tzu I
1995-jul-25Laid downTW PFG-1108 ROCS Pan Chao
1995-dec-4Laid downTW PFG-1109 ROCS Chang Chien
1996-feb-26CommissionedTW PFG-1106 ROCS Yueh Fei
1997-jan-9CommissionedTW PFG-1107 ROCS Tzu I
1997-may-14LaunchedTW PFG-1109 ROCS Chang Chien
1997-jul-3LaunchedTW PFG-1108 ROCS Pan Chao
1997-dec-16CommissionedTW PFG-1108 ROCS Pan Chao
1998-dec-1CommissionedTW PFG-1109 ROCS Chang Chien
2001-feb-22Laid downTW PFG-1110 ROCS Tian Dan
2002-oct-17LaunchedTW PFG-1110 ROCS Tian Dan
2004-mar-11CommissionedTW PFG-1110 ROCS Tian Dan

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