UK Type 15 class




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2850full load (tn)
110.50length (m)
10.90beam (m)
4.40draught (m)
36max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine steam turbines
2Naval Gun single 40 mm


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
UK Royal Navy Saunders R Saro P.531 01
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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UK Cammell Laird - 1
UK Swan Hunter - Wallsend1

List of Ships

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UKRoyal NavyF197HMS GrenvilleGGCT19431981
UKRoyal NavyF53HMS UndauntedGGWR - UD19441974

2 units


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1941-nov-1Laid downUK F197 HMS Grenville Yard No. 1669
1942-sep-8Laid downUK F53 HMS Undaunted as Ulster Class destroyer, HMS Undaunted. Yard No. V.1104
1942-oct-12LaunchedUK F197 HMS Grenville
1943-may-27CommissionedUK F197 HMS Grenville as Rapid class HMS Grenville (R97)
1943-jul-9LaunchedUK F53 HMS Undaunted launched at Birkenhead as Ulster class destroyer
1944CommissionedUK F53 HMS Undaunted as Ulster Class, pennant R53.
1946-janRefitUK F53 HMS Undaunted completed refit and departed Auckland, NZ and returned to Devonport, UK after war service with the British Pacific Fleet, on 19 Mar 1946.
1952RefitUK F53 HMS Undaunted until 1954 into Type 15 fast anti-submarine frigate, by JS White and assigned pennant F53
1953RefitUK F197 HMS Grenville until 1954, conversion at HMD Chatham from a Rapid class frigate (R97) to Type 15 standard
1957-febTrialsUK F197 HMS Grenville fitted with flight deck aft for later use in English Channel with Fairey Ultra Light G-AOUJ
1958RefitUK F53 HMS Undaunted Fitted with raised flight deck aft for P.531 trials
1958-oct-23UK F197 HMS Grenville minor damage during collision in Portland Harbour
1958-dec-24DeploymentUK F53 HMS Undaunted In collision with HMS Maxton whilst patrolling off Cyprus
1959-nov-9TrialsUK F53 HMS Undaunted P.531 trials commenced with XN333 and XN334 during Nov.
1960-augDeploymentUK F53 HMS Undaunted present at Plymouth Navy Days 1960
1962RefitUK F53 HMS Undaunted original (1958) flight deck updated to become more permanent with lessons learned from P.531 and Wasp trials.
1966RefitUK F53 HMS Undaunted emerged from refit at HMD Chatham
1967-marAircraftUK F53 HMS Undaunted working up for Wasp operations, temporarily with 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XS571/476-LE from HMS Leander
1969-dec-9AircraftUK F53 HMS Undaunted Londonderry Flt Wasp XV637/447-LD ditched S of St Albans Head while operating from HMS Undaunted, 9 Dec 1969
1974DecommissionedUK F53 HMS Undaunted
1974-aprDecommissionedUK F197 HMS Grenville
1978-novFate: sunkUK F53 HMS Undaunted sunk as a target off Casablanca, by Exocet from HMS Norfolk or some authorities claim by torpedo from HMS Swiftsure.
1983Fate: scrappedUK F197 HMS Grenville towed from Devonport to Portsmouth late 1979, then on to Isle of Sheppey for scrapping.
2012-aug-18UK F53 HMS Undaunted Ship s Bell (1966) still in safe keeping at Sea Cadet unit TS Jersey on Jersey, CI

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