ZA Valor class

DE MEKO 200 class




161length (m)
12beam (m)

1Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODAG
2Naval Engine diesel - MTU 16V 1163

2Missile Launcher MM40 Exocet

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
ZA South African Navy AW Super Lynx mk64 11


DE Blohm + Voss - 2
DE Howaldtswerke - 2

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2006--ZASouth African NavyF145SAS AmatolaZSRH
2006--ZASouth African NavyF146SAS Isandlwana
2007--ZASouth African NavyF147SAS SpioenkopZSRK
2007--ZASouth African NavyF148SAS MendiZSRM

4 units


1999-dec-03OrderedOrdered ZA F145 SAS Amatola
1999-dec-03OrderedOrdered ZA F146 SAS Isandlwana
1999-dec-03OrderedOrdered ZA F147 SAS Spioenkop
1999-dec-03OrderedOrdered ZA F148 SAS Mendi
2001-augLaid downLaid down ZA F145 SAS Amatola
2001-octLaid downLaid down ZA F146 SAS Isandlwana
2002-feb-28Laid downLaid down ZA F147 SAS Spioenkop
2002-jun-06LaunchedLaunched ZA F145 SAS Amatola
2002-jun-28Laid downLaid down ZA F148 SAS Mendi
2002-dec-05LaunchedLaunched ZA F146 SAS Isandlwana
2003-aug-02LaunchedLaunched ZA F147 SAS Spioenkop
2003-octLaunchedLaunched ZA F148 SAS Mendi
2003-novHomeportHomeport ZA F145 SAS Amatola Arrived at Simons Town.
2004-sep-20 ZA F148 SAS Mendi delivered to South Africa from Kiel, Germany
2006-febCommissionedCommissioned ZA F145 SAS Amatola
2006-jul-20CommissionedCommissioned ZA F146 SAS Isandlwana
2007-feb-16CommissionedCommissioned ZA F147 SAS Spioenkop
2007-mar-20CommissionedCommissioned ZA F148 SAS Mendi
2017-feb-19Port VisitPort Visit ZA F145 SAS Amatola arrived at HMNB Portsmouth for visit

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