Landing Ship/Platform Dock Newport class


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5190light (tn)
8550full load (tn)
159.20length (m)
21.30beam (m)
4.95draught (m)
14000range (nm)
21max speed (knots)
15000power (shp)
6Naval Engine diesel


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
AU RAN Westland Sea King 03
AU Australian Army Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk 04

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US NASSCO San Diego - 8
US Philadelphia Naval Shipyard - 3

List of Ships

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USUS NavyLST-1179USS Newport19691992
MX Mexican Navy A-411 Papaloapan 2001--
USUS NavyLST-1182USS Fresno19691993
USUS NavyLST-1180USS ManitowicNYKF19701993
TW ROCN LST-232 ROCS Chung Ho 1997--
USUS NavyLST-1181USS SumterNZGW19701993
TW ROCN LST-233 ROCS Chung Ping 1997--
USUS NavyLST-1184USS Frederick19702002
MX Mexican Navy A-412 ARM Usumacinta 2002--
USUS NavyLST-1186USS Cayuga19701994
BR Brazilian Navy G28 NDCC Mattoso Maia 2001--
USUS NavyLST-1188USS Saginaw19711994
AU RAN L51 HMAS Kanimbla 19942011
USUS NavyLST-1189USS San BernardinoNPPU19711995
CL Chilean Navy LST-93 Valdivia 1995--
USUS NavyLST-1193USS Fairfax County19711994
AU RAN L52 HMAS Manoora 1994--
USUS NavyLST-1196USS Harlan County19721995
ES Spanish Navy L-42 Pizarro 20002012
USUS NavyLST-1197USS Barnstable County19721994
ES Spanish Navy L-41 Hernán Cortés 19942002
USUS NavyLST-1198USS Bristol County19721994
MA Royal Moroccan Navy BDC Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah 1994--

12 units


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1966-nov-1Laid downUS LST-1179 USS Newport
1967-feb-27Laid downUS LST-1180 USS Manitowic
1967-nov-14Laid downUS LST-1181 USS Sumter
1967-dec-16Laid downUS LST-1182 USS Fresno
1968-feb-3LaunchedUS LST-1179 USS Newport
1968-apr-13Laid downUS LST-1184 USS Frederick
1968-sep-28LaunchedUS LST-1182 USS Fresno
1968-sep-28Laid downUS LST-1186 USS Cayuga
1969-jan-4LaunchedUS LST-1180 USS Manitowic
1969-mar-8LaunchedUS LST-1184 USS Frederick
1969-may-24Laid downUS LST-1188 USS Saginaw
1969-jun-7CommissionedUS LST-1179 USS Newport
1969-jul-12Laid downUS LST-1189 USS San Bernardino
1969-jul-12LaunchedUS LST-1186 USS Cayuga
1969-nov-22CommissionedUS LST-1182 USS Fresno
1969-dec-13LaunchedUS LST-1181 USS Sumter
1970-jan-24CommissionedUS LST-1180 USS Manitowic
1970-feb-7LaunchedUS LST-1188 USS Saginaw as USS Saginaw
1970-mar-28Laid downUS LST-1193 USS Fairfax County
1970-mar-28LaunchedUS LST-1189 USS San Bernardino
1970-apr-11CommissionedUS LST-1184 USS Frederick
1970-jun-20CommissionedUS LST-1181 USS Sumter
1970-aug-8CommissionedUS LST-1186 USS Cayuga
1970-nov-7Laid downUS LST-1196 USS Harlan County
1970-dec-19LaunchedUS LST-1193 USS Fairfax County as USS Fairfax County
1970-dec-19Laid downUS LST-1197 USS Barnstable County
1971-jan-23CommissionedUS LST-1188 USS Saginaw
1971-feb-13Laid downUS LST-1198 USS Bristol County
1971-mar-27CommissionedUS LST-1189 USS San Bernardino
1971-jul-24LaunchedUS LST-1196 USS Harlan County
1971-oct-2LaunchedUS LST-1197 USS Barnstable County
1971-oct-16CommissionedUS LST-1193 USS Fairfax County
1971-dec-4LaunchedUS LST-1198 USS Bristol County
1972-apr-8CommissionedUS LST-1196 USS Harlan County
1972-may-27CommissionedUS LST-1197 USS Barnstable County
1972-aug-5CommissionedUS LST-1198 USS Bristol County
1987-jan-10AircraftUS LST-1198 USS Bristol County USCG HH-52A 1442 accident
1992-sep-30DecommissionedUS LST-1179 USS Newport
1993-apr-8DecommissionedUS LST-1182 USS Fresno
1993-jun-30DecommissionedUS LST-1180 USS Manitowic
1993-sep-30DecommissionedUS LST-1181 USS Sumter
1994-jun-28StruckUS LST-1188 USS Saginaw from USN
1994-jun-29DecommissionedUS LST-1197 USS Barnstable County
1994-jul-29DecommissionedUS LST-1198 USS Bristol County
1994-augFate: transferedUS LST-1188 USS Saginaw Sold to Royal Australian Navy
1994-aug-16Fate: transferedUS LST-1198 USS Bristol County to Morocco
1994-aug-16CommissionedMA BDC Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah
1994-aug-26DecommissionedUS LST-1186 USS Cayuga
1994-aug-26Fate: transferedUS LST-1197 USS Barnstable County to Spain
1994-aug-26CommissionedES L-41 Hernán Cortés
1994-aug-29CommissionedAU L51 HMAS Kanimbla into RAN service as HMAS Kanimbla
1994-sep-27Fate: transferedUS LST-1193 USS Fairfax County Sold to Royal Australian Navy
1994-nov-25StruckUS LST-1193 USS Fairfax County
1994-nov-25CommissionedAU L52 HMAS Manoora ex USS Fairfax County
1994-nov-25HomeportAU L52 HMAS Manoora Sydney
1995-apr-14DecommissionedUS LST-1196 USS Harlan County
1995-sep-30DecommissionedUS LST-1189 USS San Bernardino
1995-sep-30CommissionedCL LST-93 Valdivia ex USS San Bernardino (LST-1189)
1997-may-8CommissionedTW LST-232 ROCS Chung Ho following a lease commencing 1 Jul 1995
1997-may-8CommissionedTW LST-233 ROCS Chung Ping following a lease commencing 1 Jul 1995
1999HomeportAU L51 HMAS Kanimbla Garden Island, Sydney (HMAS Kuttabul)
2000-apr-27Fate: transferedUS LST-1196 USS Harlan County to Spain
2000-apr-27CommissionedES L-42 Pizarro
2001-jan-24Fate: transferedUS LST-1186 USS Cayuga to Brazil
2001-jan-24CommissionedBR G28 NDCC Mattoso Maia
2001-may-23Fate: transferedUS LST-1179 USS Newport to Mexico
2001-may-23CommissionedMX A-411 Papaloapan
2001-aug-24Port VisitAU L52 HMAS Manoora arrived Ho Chi Minh City for goodwill visit in company with HMAS Canberra and HMAS Warramunga.
2002-jul-23StruckUS LST-1186 USS Cayuga
2002-jul-23StruckUS LST-1196 USS Harlan County
2002-jul-23StruckUS LST-1197 USS Barnstable County
2002-jul-23DecommissionedES L-41 Hernán Cortés
2002-oct-5DecommissionedUS LST-1184 USS Frederick
2002-nov-22Fate: transferedUS LST-1184 USS Frederick to Mexico
2002-nov-22CommissionedMX A-412 ARM Usumacinta
2006-nov-29AircraftAU L51 HMAS Kanimbla Army Blackhawk A25-221 rolled over the deck , off Fiji whilst carrying SAS troops and w/o
2008-may-9DeploymentAU L52 HMAS Manoora worked in a joint Australian-New Zealand amphibious task group to launch NZ Queen Alexandras Mounted Rifles at Perfume Point, near Napier. Returned to Lyttleton to offload by 17 May.
2010AU L51 HMAS Kanimbla Temporary suspension of operations by Seaworthiness Board.
2010-aprAU L52 HMAS Manoora Temporary suspension of operations by Seaworthiness Board
2011-nov-25DecommissionedAU L51 HMAS Kanimbla at Garden Island, Sydney.
2012-dec-14DecommissionedES L-42 Pizarro
2014-augFate: scrappedES L-41 Hernán Cortés Arinaga, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
2014-sep-15Fate: sunkUS LST-1182 USS Fresno 215m NE Guam during exercise Valiant Shield 2014
2015-novDeploymentMX A-411 Papaloapan Exercise UNITAS Atlantic 2015 in Brazil for UNITAS 2015

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