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  • 1983    

    Coast Guards Famous MEC class


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    82.30length (m)
    11.60beam (m)
    4.20draught (m)
    19.50max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm


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        Typical Max
    US USCG SNIA HH-65 Dolphin 01
    US USCG Sikorsky S-70 H-60 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Robert Derecktor Shipyard - 9
    US Tacoma Boatbuilding - 4

    List of Ships

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    USUSCGWMEC-903USCGC Harriet LaneNHNC1984--
    USUSCGWMEC-904USCGC NorthlandNLGF1984--
    USUSCGWMEC-905USCGC SpencerNWHE1986--
    USUSCGWMEC-906USCGC SenecaNFMK1987--
    USUSCGWMEC-907USCGC EscanabaNNAS1987--
    USUSCGWMEC-908USCGC TahomaNCBE1988--
    USUSCGWMEC-909USCGC CampbellNRDC1988--
    USUSCGWMEC-910USCGC ThetisNYWL1989--
    USUSCGWMEC-911USCGC ForwardNICB1990--
    USUSCGWMEC-912USCGC LegareNRPM1990--
    USUSCGWMEC-913USCGC MohawkNRUF1990--

    13 units


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    1979-aug-23Laid downUS WMEC-901 USCGC Bear
    1980-apr-2Laid downUS WMEC-902 USCGC Tampa
    1980-sep-25LaunchedUS WMEC-901 USCGC Bear
    1980-oct-15Laid downUS WMEC-903 USCGC Harriet Lane
    1981-mar-19LaunchedUS WMEC-902 USCGC Tampa
    1981-apr-9Laid downUS WMEC-904 USCGC Northland
    1982-feb-6LaunchedUS WMEC-903 USCGC Harriet Lane
    1982-may-7LaunchedUS WMEC-904 USCGC Northland
    1982-jun-26Laid downUS WMEC-905 USCGC Spencer
    1982-sep-16Laid downUS WMEC-906 USCGC Seneca
    1983-feb-4CommissionedUS WMEC-901 USCGC Bear
    1983-apr-1Laid downUS WMEC-907 USCGC Escanaba
    1983-jun-28Laid downUS WMEC-908 USCGC Tahoma
    1984-mar-16CommissionedUS WMEC-902 USCGC Tampa
    1984-apr-17LaunchedUS WMEC-905 USCGC Spencer
    1984-aug-10Laid downUS WMEC-909 USCGC Campbell
    1984-aug-24Laid downUS WMEC-910 USCGC Thetis
    1984-sep-20CommissionedUS WMEC-903 USCGC Harriet Lane
    1984-dec-17CommissionedUS WMEC-904 USCGC Northland
    1985-feb-2LaunchedUS WMEC-907 USCGC Escanaba
    1985-jun-2LaunchedUS WMEC-908 USCGC Tahoma
    1986-apr-29LaunchedUS WMEC-909 USCGC Campbell
    1986-apr-29LaunchedUS WMEC-910 USCGC Thetis
    1986-jun-28CommissionedUS WMEC-905 USCGC Spencer
    1986-jul-11Laid downUS WMEC-911 USCGC Forward
    1986-jul-11Laid downUS WMEC-912 USCGC Legare
    1987-may-4CommissionedUS WMEC-906 USCGC Seneca
    1987-jun-18Laid downUS WMEC-913 USCGC Mohawk
    1987-aug-19LaunchedUS WMEC-911 USCGC Forward
    1987-aug-19LaunchedUS WMEC-912 USCGC Legare
    1987-aug-27CommissionedUS WMEC-907 USCGC Escanaba
    1988-apr-6CommissionedUS WMEC-908 USCGC Tahoma
    1988-may-18LaunchedUS WMEC-913 USCGC Mohawk
    1988-aug-19CommissionedUS WMEC-909 USCGC Campbell
    1989-jun-30CommissionedUS WMEC-910 USCGC Thetis
    1990-mar-20CommissionedUS WMEC-913 USCGC Mohawk
    1990-aug-4CommissionedUS WMEC-911 USCGC Forward
    1990-aug-4CommissionedUS WMEC-912 USCGC Legare
    1997-may-27Port VisitUS WMEC-912 USCGC Legare 27-29 May Portsmouth, UK. embarked Dolphin 6520
    2004-mayAircraftUS WMEC-901 USCGC Bear embarked Dolphin 6554
    2010-janDeploymentUS WMEC-911 USCGC Forward Operation Panlake Deployed to Haiti as part of US Operation Unified Response initially to provide temporary Air Traffic Control services while the power and communication / navigation equipment was being restored at Toussaint LOverture / Port au Prince international airport.
    2010-jan-12DeploymentUS WMEC-908 USCGC Tahoma Operation Panlake Deployed to Haiti with its embarked HH-60 Jayhawk, for Earthquake relief work under US Operation Unified Response.
    2022-jun-29AircraftUS WMEC-913 USCGC Mohawk Arrived Lisbon with MH-65D 6507 embarked. Departed 4 Jul ?

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