UK Retainer class

Support Ship



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14400full load (tn)
145.40length (m)
18.90beam (m)
7.60draught (m)
15max speed (knots)
1Naval Engine diesel


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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UK Scott Lithgow (Greenock) - Greenock2

List of Ships

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UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA329RFA RetainerGGVC19551978
UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA280RFA ResurgentGGTM19571979

2 units


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1948-oct-11Laid downUK A329 RFA Retainer
1949-jun-7Laid downUK A280 RFA Resurgent
1950-jan-19LaunchedUK A329 RFA Retainer as Chungking
1950-jul-31LaunchedUK A280 RFA Resurgent as Changchow
1952-dec-19UK A329 RFA Retainer renamed Retainer, while owned by the Admiralty but operated on a charter basis
1953-apr-25UK A280 RFA Resurgent rename Resurgent, while owned by the Admiralty but operated on a charter basis
1954-julRefitUK A329 RFA Retainer converted to Armaments Stores Ship on Tyneside until Apr 1955
1956-octDeploymentUK A329 RFA Retainer Operation Musketeer Supported fleet during Suez operations
1957-mayRefitUK A329 RFA Retainer intensive maintenance period on Tyneside until c Dec 1957 / Jan 1958
1957-julCommissionedUK A280 RFA Resurgent into RFA service from British India Steam Navigation
1957-augRefitUK A280 RFA Resurgent converted to Armaments Stores Ship on Tyneside
1961-jun-29DeploymentUK A329 RFA Retainer Operation Vantage Ordered to the Persian Gulf to support the British force assembled to dissuade Iraq from invading Kuwait.
1961-julDeploymentUK A280 RFA Resurgent Operation Vantage sent in support of Kuwait
1962-may-18RefitUK A329 RFA Retainer refit on Tyneside
1966-marDeploymentUK A280 RFA Resurgent Beira Patrol off Mozambique with HMS Plymouth.
1966-aug-27DeploymentUK A329 RFA Retainer present at Plymouth Navy Days 1966
1966-oct-31Port VisitUK A280 RFA Resurgent visited Sydney, Australia
1970-junDeploymentUK A280 RFA Resurgent Beira Patrol off Mozambique until Jul 1970.
1976-janPort VisitUK A280 RFA Resurgent visited Wellington, New Zealand, until early Feb 1976
1977-nov-25DeploymentUK A280 RFA Resurgent Operation Journeyman stood back from the Falklands in support of HMS Phoebe and HMS Alacrity.
1978-aprDecommissionedUK A329 RFA Retainer
1978-junUK A280 RFA Resurgent Start of deployment in support of an exercise group in the Baltic with R
1979-aug-18DecommissionedUK A280 RFA Resurgent
1979-oct-29Fate: scrappedUK A329 RFA Retainer left HMD Rosyth for Barcelona, Spain for scrapping
1981-mar-18Fate: transferedUK A280 RFA Resurgent sold to Panama
1981-may-5Fate: scrappedUK A280 RFA Resurgent left HMD Rosyth for Gijon, Spain for scrapping, via Aviles

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