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  • 1991    

    Frigate Chao Praya


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    1675light (tn)
    1925full load (tn)
    103.20length (m)
    11.30beam (m)
    3.10draught (m)
    4Naval Engine diesel - MTU


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    TH Royal Thai Navy Bell 212 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    CN CSSC Hudong Zhonghua - Pudong4

    List of Ships

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    THRoyal Thai NavyFF 455HTMS Chao PrayaHSMA1991--
    THRoyal Thai NavyFF 456HTMS BangpakongHSMB1991--
    THRoyal Thai NavyFF 457HTMS KraburiHSMC1992--
    THRoyal Thai NavyFF 458HTMS SaiburiHSMD1992--

    4 units


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