IT Minerva class




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86.60length (m)
10.50beam (m)
1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
1Naval Radar fire direction radar MM/SPG-76 (RTN-30X)
1Sonar hull mounted sonar DE 1167


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    Typical Max
No Landing platform


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IT Cantiere navale del Muggiano, Lerici - Lerici3
IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante5

List of Ships

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ITItalian NavyF 551MinervaIAOA1987--
ITItalian NavyF 552UraniaIAOB1987--
ITItalian NavyF 553DanaideIAOC1988--
ITItalian NavyF 554SfingeIAOD1988--
ITItalian NavyF 555DriadeIAOE1991--
ITItalian NavyF 556ChimeraIAOF1991--
ITItalian NavyF 557FeniceIAOG1991--
ITItalian NavyF 558SibillaIAOH1991--

8 units


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1982OrderedIT F 551 Minerva
1982OrderedIT F 552 Urania
1982OrderedIT F 553 Danaide
1982OrderedIT F 554 Sfinge
1985-mar-11Laid downIT F 551 Minerva
1985-mar-11Laid downIT F 552 Urania
1985-may-26Laid downIT F 553 Danaide
1985-may-26Laid downIT F 554 Sfinge
1986-mar-25LaunchedIT F 551 Minerva
1986-jun-21LaunchedIT F 552 Urania
1986-oct-18LaunchedIT F 553 Danaide
1987OrderedIT F 555 Driade
1987OrderedIT F 556 Chimera
1987OrderedIT F 557 Fenice
1987OrderedIT F 558 Sibilla
1987-may-16LaunchedIT F 554 Sfinge
1987-jun-10CommissionedIT F 551 Minerva
1987-jun-10CommissionedIT F 552 Urania
1987-jun-11HomeportIT F 551 Minerva Augusta
1987-jun-11HomeportIT F 552 Urania Augusta
1988-feb-13CommissionedIT F 553 Danaide
1988-feb-13CommissionedIT F 554 Sfinge
1988-feb-14HomeportIT F 553 Danaide Augusta
1988-feb-14HomeportIT F 554 Sfinge Augusta
1988-mar-18Laid downIT F 555 Driade
1988-sep-6Laid downIT F 557 Fenice
1988-dec-21Laid downIT F 556 Chimera
1989-mar-12LaunchedIT F 555 Driade
1990-dec-4LaunchedIT F 557 Fenice
1991-jan-15CommissionedIT F 556 Chimera
1991-jan-16HomeportIT F 556 Chimera Augusta
1991-may-16CommissionedIT F 558 Sibilla
1991-may-17HomeportIT F 558 Sibilla Augusta
1991-sep-7CommissionedIT F 555 Driade
1991-sep-8HomeportIT F 555 Driade Augusta
1991-sep-11CommissionedIT F 557 Fenice
1991-sep-12HomeportIT F 557 Fenice Augusta

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