Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Enterprise class

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US Nimitz class 1975
                        US Improved Nimitz class 1986
                                                US Ford class 2017


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92430full load (tn)
331.60length (m)
40.50beam (m)
11.90draught (m)
34max speed (knots)


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    Typical Max
US United States Naval Aviation Sikorsky S-61 H-3 06

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Newport News Shipbuilding - 1

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCVN-78Ford class USS Gerald R Ford78----
USUS NavyCVN-79Ford class USS John F Kennedy----
USUS NavyCVN-65USS EnterpriseNIQM - 6519612012
USUS NavyCVN-68Nimitz class USS NimitzNMTZ - 681975--
USUS NavyCVN-69Nimitz class USS Dwight D. EisenhowerNIKE - 691977--
USUS NavyCVN-70Nimitz class USS Carl VinsonNCVV - 701982--
USUS NavyCVN-71Improved Nimitz class USS Theodore RooseveltNNTR - 711986--
USUS NavyCVN-72Improved Nimitz class USS Abraham LincolnNABE - 721989--
USUS NavyCVN-73Improved Nimitz class USS George WashingtonNNGW - 731992--
USUS NavyCVN-74Improved Nimitz class USS John C StennisNJCS - 741995--
USUS NavyCVN-75Improved Nimitz class USS Harry S. TrumanNHST - 751998--
USUS NavyCVN-76Improved Nimitz class USS Ronald ReaganNRGN - 762003--
USUS NavyCVN-77Improved Nimitz class USS George H. W. BushNGWB - 772009--

13 units


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1957-novOrderedUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise
1958-feb-4Laid downUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise
1960-sep-24LaunchedUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise
1961-nov-25CommissionedUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise
1962-augDeploymentUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise operating off Portugal with HMS Centaur, HMS Hermes and USS Forrestal during, Exercise RipTide II.
1969-febUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise damaged by rocket explosion in Feb 1969
1986-apr-9DeploymentUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise Vice President George Bush onboard in the Gulf of Oman speaking to sailors
2001-sep-13DeploymentUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise positioned to the northern Arabian Sea with HS-3 embarked, to support AWACS missions over Pakistan until 23 Oct.
2011-jan-26Port VisitUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise 26-29 January Lisboa, Portugal
2012-dec-1DecommissionedUS CVN-65 USS Enterprise at Norfolk, Va.

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