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    Coast Guards


    Coast Guards Reliance MEC class

    210-foot Medium Endurance cutters (MEC) commissioned in the 1960s

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Famous MEC class 1983


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        Typical Max
    US USCG Sikorsky HH-52A Sea Guard 01
    US USCG SNIA HH-65 Dolphin 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US CGY Curtis Bay - Curtis Bay2

    List of Ships

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    USUSCGWMEC-619USCGC Confidence1966--
    USUSCGWMEC-624USCGC Dauntless1968--
    USUSCGWMEC-901Famous MEC class USCGC BearNRKN1983--
    USUSCGWMEC-902Famous MEC class USCGC TampaNIKL1984--
    USUSCGWMEC-903Famous MEC class USCGC Harriet LaneNHNC1984--
    USUSCGWMEC-904Famous MEC class USCGC NorthlandNLGF1984--
    USUSCGWMEC-905Famous MEC class USCGC SpencerNWHE1986--
    USUSCGWMEC-906Famous MEC class USCGC SenecaNFMK1987--
    USUSCGWMEC-907Famous MEC class USCGC EscanabaNNAS1987--
    USUSCGWMEC-908Famous MEC class USCGC TahomaNCBE1988--
    USUSCGWMEC-909Famous MEC class USCGC CampbellNRDC1988--
    USUSCGWMEC-910Famous MEC class USCGC ThetisNYWL1989--
    USUSCGWMEC-911Famous MEC class USCGC ForwardNICB1990--
    USUSCGWMEC-912Famous MEC class USCGC LegareNRPM1990--
    USUSCGWMEC-913Famous MEC class USCGC MohawkNRUF1990--

    16 units


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    1965-may-15Laid downUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless
    1967HomeportUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless Miami, FL., until 1993
    1967-oct-21LaunchedUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless
    1968-jan-5Laid downUS WMEC-630 USCGC Alert
    1968-jun-10CommissionedUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless
    1969-aug-4CommissionedUS WMEC-630 USCGC Alert
    1993RefitUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless for 18 month Major Maintenance Availability, at CGY Curtis Bay
    1995-marHomeportUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless Galveston, TX
    2009RefitUS WMEC-624 USCGC Dauntless for Mission Effectiveness Program, at CGY Curtis Bay until Oct 2009
    2010-jun-9DeploymentUS WMEC-630 USCGC Alert Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy Attended 100th Anniversary Fleet Review of Canadian Navy

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