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  • 2008    

    • Littoral combat ship Freedom class
    • Littoral combat ship Freedom class


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    2135light (tn)
    2862full load (tn)
    115length (m)
    13beam (m)
    4draught (m)
    3500range (nm)
    47max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce MT30
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODAG
    2Naval Engine diesel - FM Colt-Pielstick PA6B STC


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        Typical Max
    US US Navy Sikorsky S-70 H-60 02
    US US Navy N-G MQ-8A/B Fire Scout 02
    US US Navy N-G MQ-8C Fire Scout 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Marinette Marine - Menominee River12

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyLCS-23USS CooperstownNCOO----
    USUS NavyLCS-1USS FreedomNFRE2008--
    USUS NavyLCS-3USS Fort Worth2012--
    USUS NavyLCS-5USS MilwaukeeNMLW2015--
    USUS NavyLCS-7USS Detroit2016--
    USUS NavyLCS-9USS Little Rock2017--
    USUS NavyLCS-11USS Sioux CityNSCT2018--
    USUS NavyLCS-13USS WichitaNWIC2019--
    USUS NavyLCS-15USS Billings152019--
    USUS NavyLCS-17USS IndianapolisNIDP - 172019--
    USUS NavyLCS-19USS St. Louis2020--
    USUS NavyLCS-21USS Minneapolis / St. Paul212022--

    12 units


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    2004-dec-15OrderedUS LCS-1 USS Freedom from Lockheed Martin
    2005-jun-2Laid downUS LCS-1 USS Freedom
    2006-jun-26OrderedUS LCS-3 USS Fort Worth from Lockheed Martin. Cancelled Apr 2007, re-awarded Mar 2009.
    2006-sep-23LaunchedUS LCS-1 USS Freedom
    2008-nov-8CommissionedUS LCS-1 USS Freedom in Milwaukee
    2009-jul-11Laid downUS LCS-3 USS Fort Worth
    2009-sepTrialsUS LCS-1 USS Freedom Flight deck certification with MH-60 of HSC-22
    2010-apr-23HomeportUS LCS-1 USS Freedom
    2010-dec-4LaunchedUS LCS-3 USS Fort Worth
    2010-dec-29OrderedUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee from Lockheed Martin
    2010-dec-29OrderedUS LCS-19 USS St. Louis from Lockheed Martin
    2010-dec-29OrderedUS LCS-21 USS Minneapolis / St. Paul from Lockheed Martin
    2010-dec-29OrderedUS LCS-23 USS Cooperstown from Lockheed Martin
    2011-mar-17OrderedUS LCS-7 USS Detroit from Lockheed Martin
    2011-oct-27Laid downUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee
    2012HomeportUS LCS-1 USS Freedom San Diego, CA
    2012-mar-16OrderedUS LCS-9 USS Little Rock from Lockheed Martin
    2012-mar-16OrderedUS LCS-11 USS Sioux City from Lockheed Martin
    2012-sep-22CommissionedUS LCS-3 USS Fort Worth at Galveston, Texas
    2012-oct-18HomeportUS LCS-3 USS Fort Worth San Diego
    2012-nov-8Laid downUS LCS-7 USS Detroit at Marinette, MI.
    2013-mar-4OrderedUS LCS-13 USS Wichita from Lockheed Martin
    2013-mar-4OrderedUS LCS-15 USS Billings from Lockheed Martin
    2013-mar-4OrderedUS LCS-17 USS Indianapolis from Lockheed Martin
    2013-jun-27Laid downUS LCS-9 USS Little Rock
    2013-dec-18LaunchedUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee at Marinette, MI.
    2014-feb-19Laid downUS LCS-11 USS Sioux City at Fincantieri Marinette Marine, Marinette, WI.
    2014-may-12AircraftUS LCS-1 USS Freedom MQ-8B Fire Scout / MR-60R Seahawk trials, off San Diego.
    2014-oct-18LaunchedUS LCS-7 USS Detroit at Marinette, MI.
    2014-nov-25US LCS-3 USS Fort Worth with 25CAB Black Hawk off Hawaii
    2015-feb-9Laid downUS LCS-13 USS Wichita
    2015-jul-18LaunchedUS LCS-9 USS Little Rock
    2015-nov-2Laid downUS LCS-15 USS Billings
    2015-nov-21CommissionedUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee in Milwaukee
    2016-jan-30LaunchedUS LCS-11 USS Sioux City in Marinette, WI
    2016-jul-18Laid downUS LCS-17 USS Indianapolis at Marinette, WI.
    2016-oct-22CommissionedUS LCS-7 USS Detroit in a ceremony in Detroit, MI.
    2016-oct-24Port VisitUS LCS-7 USS Detroit visited Windsor, ON for 5 days.
    2016-dec-30HomeportUS LCS-7 USS Detroit NS Mayport.
    2017-may-17Laid downUS LCS-19 USS St. Louis at Marinette.
    2017-sep-8Port VisitUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee took up a safer mooring in Port of Jacksonville to shelter from Hurricane Irma, until 12 Sep.
    2017-dec-16CommissionedUS LCS-9 USS Little Rock
    2018-apr-18LaunchedUS LCS-17 USS Indianapolis at Marinette, WI.
    2018-aug-14Laid downUS LCS-23 USS Cooperstown at Marinette, WI.
    2018-oct-3Port VisitUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee visited Baltimore for Fleet Week 2018.
    2018-oct-20Port VisitUS LCS-17 USS Indianapolis stopped over at NS Great Lakes, IL.
    2018-nov-12Port VisitUS LCS-17 USS Indianapolis visited CFB Halifax during delivery voyage.
    2018-nov-17CommissionedUS LCS-11 USS Sioux City in a ceremony at Anapolis, MD.
    2019-junPort VisitUS LCS-15 USS Billings collided with vessel Rosaire Desgagnes while departing Montreal.
    2019-aug-3CommissionedUS LCS-15 USS Billings at Key West, FL.
    2019-oct-26CommissionedUS LCS-17 USS Indianapolis
    2019-oct-31DeploymentUS LCS-7 USS Detroit assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two Two
    departed Mayport for Caribbean counter-narcotics operation (4th Fleet area), with HSC-22 Det 3 embarked. Finally returned to Mayport on 11 Jul 2020.
    2020-jan-19LaunchedUS LCS-23 USS Cooperstown at Marinette, WI.
    2020-mar-18AircraftUS LCS-7 USS Detroit swapped Ships Flight for HSC-22 Det 5 airframe.
    2020-aug-8CommissionedUS LCS-19 USS St. Louis
    2021-jun-15LaunchedUS LCS-21 USS Minneapolis / St. Paul at Marinette.
    2021-jun-30DeploymentUS LCS-15 USS Billings assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two Eight
    departed on maiden deployment to US 4th Fleet area of operations, running counter-narcotics missions in the Caribbean Sea, with an MH-60 of HSC-28 (det).
    2021-dec-14DeploymentUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two Two
    departed NS Mayport for counter-narcotics deployment in the Caribbean Sea, until return on 2 Apr. HSC-22, Det 5 embarked.
    2022-jan-20Port VisitUS LCS-5 USS Milwaukee 5 day visit to Puerto Rico.
    2022-may-21CommissionedUS LCS-21 USS Minneapolis / St. Paul in Duluth, MN.
    2022-sep-3Port VisitUS LCS-11 USS Sioux City arrived in HMNB Devonport.
    2022-sep-7Port VisitUS LCS-21 USS Minneapolis / St. Paul Baltimore Fleet Week at Inner Harbor.

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