UK Nairana class

Aircraft Carrier



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    Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland dragonfly 00

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UK Harland and Wolff - Belfast1

List of Ships

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UKRoyal NavyD48HMS CampaniaGKFG19441952

1 units


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1940OrderedUK D48 HMS Campania
1941-aug-12Laid downUK D48 HMS Campania and converted from refrigerated transport of Shaw Savill Line
1943-jun-17LaunchedUK D48 HMS Campania as HMS Campania
1944-mar-8CommissionedUK D48 HMS Campania
1952-jun-2DeploymentUK D48 HMS Campania departed Portsmouth via Cape of Good Hope for Indian Ocean off W Australia, for first British A-bomb test, arriving on station on 8 Aug. En route, rendezvous with HMS Plym which had loaded material from Shoeburyness at Stangate Creek, Sheerness and acted as escort (while actually carrying the device). 3 Dragonfly HR.3 on board.
1952-oct-3DeploymentUK D48 HMS Campania Operation Hurricane off Montebello Islands as command ship for A-bomb test
1952-decDecommissionedUK D48 HMS Campania
1955-novFate: scrappedUK D48 HMS Campania at Blyth in Northumbria

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