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  • IT Bergamini (2013) class

    FREMM class


    Frigate Bergamini (2013) class


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    6900full load (tn)
    144.60length (m)
    19.70beam (m)
    8.70draught (m)
    6700range (nm)
    29max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Engine electric motors
    1Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500


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        Typical Max
    IT Italian Navy NHI NH90 NFH 12
    IT Italian Navy AW EH101 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante10

    List of Ships

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    ITItalian NavyF 590Carlo BergaminiIAOI2013--
    ITItalian NavyF 591Virginio FasanIAOK2013--
    ITItalian NavyF 592Carlo MargottiniIABK2014--
    ITItalian NavyF 593CarabiniereF5932015--
    ITItalian NavyF 594AlpinoF5942016--
    ITItalian NavyF 595Luigi Rizzo2017--
    ITItalian NavyF 596Federico Martinengo2018--
    ITItalian NavyF 597Antonio Marceglia2019--
    ITItalian NavyF 598Spartaco SchergatF5982020--
    ITItalian NavyF 589Emilio Bianchi2021--

    10 units


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    2008-feb-4Laid downIT F 590 Carlo Bergamini
    2009-may-12Laid downIT F 591 Virginio Fasan
    2010-apr-21Laid downIT F 592 Carlo Margottini
    2011-apr-6Laid downIT F 593 Carabiniere
    2011-jul-16LaunchedIT F 590 Carlo Bergamini
    2012-mar-31LaunchedIT F 591 Virginio Fasan
    2013-mar-5Laid downIT F 595 Luigi Rizzo
    2013-may-29CommissionedIT F 590 Carlo Bergamini
    2013-jun-29LaunchedIT F 592 Carlo Margottini
    2013-dec-19CommissionedIT F 591 Virginio Fasan
    2014-feb-27CommissionedIT F 592 Carlo Margottini
    2014-mar-29LaunchedIT F 593 Carabiniere
    2014-jun-5Laid downIT F 596 Federico Martinengo
    2014-dec-13LaunchedIT F 594 Alpino godmother of the launch: mrs Maria Rosa Solimano
    2015-apr-16OrderedIT F 589 Emilio Bianchi
    2015-apr-28CommissionedIT F 593 Carabiniere
    2015-jul-12Laid downIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia
    2015-dec-19LaunchedIT F 595 Luigi Rizzo
    2016-sep-30CommissionedIT F 594 Alpino at Muggiano Shipyard
    2017-febOrderedIT F 598 Spartaco Schergat
    2017-feb-19Port VisitIT F 593 Carabiniere visiting Australia with NH90 3-08
    2017-mar-4LaunchedIT F 596 Federico Martinengo
    2017-apr-20CommissionedIT F 595 Luigi Rizzo
    2017-jul-14DeploymentIT F 591 Virginio Fasan Combined Task Force 150 Flag Ship from 27 july acting in Local Maritime Capacity Building (LMCB) and in Civilian and Military Cooperation (CiMiC) for four african contries
    2017-dec-6DeploymentIT F 591 Virginio Fasan Combined Task Force 150 End of Command on Operation Atalanta
    2018-janLaid downIT F 589 Emilio Bianchi
    2018-feb-3LaunchedIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia
    2018-mar-2DeploymentIT F 593 Carabiniere Dynamic Manta 2018 withEH101 Mk110 MM81719 2-22 on board
    2018-mar-8Port VisitIT F 592 Carlo Margottini visit to Karachi East Wharf
    2018-apr-28CommissionedIT F 596 Federico Martinengo
    2018-dec-30IT F 595 Luigi Rizzo Operation Sophia New flaghship for EUNAVFOR MED
    2019-jan-15DeploymentIT F 592 Carlo Margottini departure to Indian Ocean for Operation Atalanta
    2019-jan-26LaunchedIT F 598 Spartaco Schergat
    2019-feb-26DeploymentIT F 594 Alpino Dynamic Manta 2019 with SH-90A-Grottaglie-4° Gruppo on board
    2019-mar-9DeploymentIT F 592 Carlo Margottini
    2019-apr-16CommissionedIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia
    2019-jul-13DeploymentIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia Departure to join Operazione Atalanta for EUNAVFOR
    2019-jul-23DeploymentIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia Operation Atalanta Eunavfor Task Force Flagship
    2019-dec-10DeploymentIT F 596 Federico Martinengo "Naval Diplomacy" activity
    2019-dec-16DeploymentIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia End of deployment for Anti Piracy Operation Atalanta
    2020-jan-16DeploymentIT F 593 Carabiniere SNMG2 replacing in Flahship duty FFH 330 HMCS Halifax
    2020-jan-25LaunchedIT F 589 Emilio Bianchi
    2020-feb-20DeploymentIT F 590 Carlo Bergamini EU NAVFOR SOMALIA
    2020-feb-24DeploymentIT F 593 Carabiniere Dynamic Manta 2020 Flagship
    2020-marCommissionedIT F 598 Spartaco Schergat
    2021-may-15DeploymentIT F 597 Antonio Marceglia Formidable Shield 2021

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