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  • US Shenandoah class

    Support Ship


    Support Ship Shenandoah class

    Destroyer Tender ships starting service after World War II

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Samuel Gompers class 1967
                            US Yellowstone class 1980


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    11755light (tn)
    150length (m)
    21beam (m)
    8.31draught (m)
    18max speed (knots)
    1Naval Gun Mark 28 5/38 inch (twin 127mm)
    4Naval Gun twin 40 mm


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        Typical Max
    US US Navy Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle - 6

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    USUS NavyAD-26USS Shenandoah19451980
    USUS NavyAD-27USS Yellowstone19461974
    USUS NavyAD-28USS Grand Canyon19461978
    USUS NavyAD-31USS Tidewater19461971
    ID TNI-AL 652 KRI Dumai 19801984
    USUS NavyAD-36USS Bryce Canyon19501981
    USUS NavyAD-29USS Isle Royale19621970
    USUS NavyAD-37Samuel Gompers class USS Samuel Gompers19671995
    USUS NavyAD-38Samuel Gompers class USS Puget Sound19681996
    USUS NavyAD-41Yellowstone class USS Yellowstone19801996
    USUS NavyAD-42Yellowstone class USS Acadia19811994
    USUS NavyAD-43Yellowstone class USS Cape Cod19821995
    USUS NavyAD-44Yellowstone class USS Shenandoah19831996

    12 units


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    1944-sep-16Laid downUS AD-26 USS Shenandoah
    1944-oct-16Laid downUS AD-27 USS Yellowstone
    1944-oct-16Laid downUS AD-28 USS Grand Canyon
    1944-nov-27Laid downUS AD-31 USS Tidewater
    1945-mar-29LaunchedUS AD-26 USS Shenandoah
    1945-apr-12LaunchedUS AD-27 USS Yellowstone
    1945-apr-27LaunchedUS AD-28 USS Grand Canyon
    1945-jun-30LaunchedUS AD-31 USS Tidewater
    1945-jul-7Laid downUS AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon
    1945-aug-13CommissionedUS AD-26 USS Shenandoah
    1945-sep-19LaunchedUS AD-29 USS Isle Royale
    1946-jan-16CommissionedUS AD-27 USS Yellowstone
    1946-feb-19CommissionedUS AD-31 USS Tidewater
    1946-mar-7LaunchedUS AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon
    1946-apr-5CommissionedUS AD-28 USS Grand Canyon
    1950-sep-15CommissionedUS AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon
    1962-jun-9CommissionedUS AD-29 USS Isle Royale
    1970-mar-11DecommissionedUS AD-29 USS Isle Royale
    1971-feb-20DecommissionedUS AD-31 USS Tidewater
    1971-mar-1Fate: transferedUS AD-31 USS Tidewater to Indonesian Navy
    1971-mar-11US AD-28 USS Grand Canyon reclassified as repair ship AR-28
    1971-sep-1US AD-29 USS Isle Royale to Maritime Administration
    1974-sep-11DecommissionedUS AD-27 USS Yellowstone
    1975-sepFate: scrappedUS AD-27 USS Yellowstone
    1976-sep-16StruckUS AD-29 USS Isle Royale
    1977-decFate: scrappedUS AD-29 USS Isle Royale
    1978-sep-1DecommissionedUS AD-28 USS Grand Canyon
    1980-mar-1CommissionedID 652 KRI Dumai
    1980-apr-1DecommissionedUS AD-26 USS Shenandoah
    1980-junFate: scrappedUS AD-28 USS Grand Canyon
    1981-jun-30DecommissionedUS AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon
    1981-jun-30StruckUS AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon
    1982-mar-1Fate: scrappedUS AD-26 USS Shenandoah
    1984DecommissionedID 652 KRI Dumai

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