US Rigel class

Support Ship


Support Ship Rigel class

High-speed, large-capacity, fully refrigerated Stores ships.


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7950light (tn)
15540full load (tn)
153length (m)
22beam (m)
8.80draught (m)
21max speed (knots)
16000power (shp)


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
US United States Naval Aviation Kaman Seasprite 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 2

List of Ships

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USUS NavyAF-58USS RigelNQSI - 5819551977
USUS NavyAF-59USS VegaNQSJ - 5919551977

2 units


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1954-mar-15Laid downUS AF-58 USS Rigel
1954-jun-7Laid downUS AF-59 USS Vega
1955-mar-15LaunchedUS AF-58 USS Rigel
1955-apr-28LaunchedUS AF-59 USS Vega
1955-sep-2CommissionedUS AF-58 USS Rigel
1955-nov-10CommissionedUS AF-59 USS Vega
1970DeploymentUS AF-59 USS Vega WestPac, with USS Hancock (CVA-19) UH-2C 150156
1975-jun-25US AF-58 USS Rigel reclassified T-AF-58
1977-apr-29DecommissionedUS AF-59 USS Vega
1977-apr-29StruckUS AF-59 USS Vega
1994-may-16StruckUS AF-58 USS Rigel
2003Fate: scrappedUS AF-58 USS Rigel

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