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  • US Theriot Offshore V class

    Support Ship



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        Typical Max
    BR Brazilian Navy EC HB350BA Esquilo 02
    BR Brazilian Navy AH H135 / EC135T3 10

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle - 1

    List of Ships

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    BRBrazilian NavyH41NPo Almirante MaximianoPWPM2009--

    1 units


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    1973-aug-20Laid downBR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano
    1974-feb-13LaunchedBR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano as Theriot Offshore I
    2008-sep-3Fate: transferedBR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano sold to Brazilian Navy, as ex- Ocean Empress
    2009-feb-3CommissionedBR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano into Brazilian Navy at Bremerhaven
    2009-apr-7HomeportBR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano arrived at Rio de Janeiro

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