NL de Ruyter class




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9500light (tn)
12200full load (tn)
185.60length (m)
17.30beam (m)
6.70draught (m)
6900range (nm)
32max speed (knots)


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    Typical Max
NL Dutch Navy Westland Wasp 03

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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NL Rotterdam Dockyard - 1
NL Wilton-Fijenoord - 1

List of Ships

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NLRoyal Netherlands NavyC801Hr. MS. De Ruyter19531973
PE Peruvian Navy CL-81 BAP Almirante Grau 1973--
NLRoyal Netherlands NavyC802Hr. Ms. De Zeven Provincien19531976
PE Peruvian Navy CL-84 BAP Aguirre 1976--

2 units


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1939-may-19Laid downNL C802 Hr. Ms. De Zeven Provincien
1939-sep-5Laid downNL C801 Hr. MS. De Ruyter
1944-dec-24LaunchedNL C801 Hr. MS. De Ruyter
1950-aug-22LaunchedNL C802 Hr. Ms. De Zeven Provincien
1953-nov-18CommissionedNL C801 Hr. MS. De Ruyter
1953-dec-17CommissionedNL C802 Hr. Ms. De Zeven Provincien
1973-marDecommissionedNL C801 Hr. MS. De Ruyter
1973-mar-7Fate: transferedNL C801 Hr. MS. De Ruyter to Peruvian Navy
1973-may-23CommissionedPE CL-81 BAP Almirante Grau ex Dutch Navy Hr.Ms.De Ruyter (C801)
1973-jun-18PE CL-81 BAP Almirante Grau departed Netherlands for Peru
1976-augDecommissionedNL C802 Hr. Ms. De Zeven Provincien
1976-augFate: transferedNL C802 Hr. Ms. De Zeven Provincien to Peruvian Navy
1976-augCommissionedPE CL-84 BAP Aguirre ex DUtch Navy Hr.Ms. De Zeven Provincien (C804)
1985RefitPE CL-81 BAP Almirante Grau in Amsterdam until 1988. Name temporarily changed to Proyecto de Modernización 01, whilst in The Netherlands.

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