US Essex (short hull) class

Aircraft Carrier


    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US Essex (long hull) class 1944


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265length (m)
45beam (m)
8.50draught (m)
33max speed (knots)
12Naval Gun Mark 12 5/38 inch (127 mm)
40Naval Gun single 40 mm


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US Newport News Shipbuilding - 2

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCV-9USS Essex919421969
USUS NavyCVS-12USS HornetNBGC - 1219431970
USUS NavyCV-18Essex (long hull) class USS Wasp19431972
CV-15Essex (long hull) class USS RandolphNWBD1944--
USUS NavyCV-36Essex (long hull) class USS AntietamNHCY19451963
USUS NavyCV-37Essex (long hull) class USS Princeton19451959
LPH-5 USS Princeton 19591970
USUS NavyCV-39Essex (long hull) class USS Lake ChamplainNTCR - 3919451966
USUS NavyCVS-45Essex (long hull) class USS Valley Forge19461961
LPH-8 USS Valley Forge 19611970

8 units


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1940-febOrderedUS CV-9 USS Essex
1941-aprLaid downUS CV-9 USS Essex
1942-julLaunchedUS CV-9 USS Essex
1942-aug-3Laid downUS CVS-12 USS Hornet as USS Kearsarge
1942-decCommissionedUS CV-9 USS Essex
1943-aug-30LaunchedUS CVS-12 USS Hornet as USS Hornet, CV-12 (to replace USS Hornet, CV-8) sunk in Oct 1942).
1943-nov-29CommissionedUS CVS-12 USS Hornet
1953US CVS-12 USS Hornet re-designated CVA-12
1958US CVS-12 USS Hornet re-designated CVS-12
1958-jul-15DeploymentUS CV-9 USS Essex Operation Blue Bat part of US 6th Fleet, when tasked with support for Lebanese stability operations in Eastern Mediterranean. HUP-2 of a HU-2 (det 45) were embarked. Operations continued until 23 Aug.
1961-nov-27AircraftUS CV-9 USS Essex during temporary embarkation, RN 819 Sq Wessex HAS.1 XM876/321 was lost, while operating from USS Essex deck, off Rockall Bank
1969-junDecommissionedUS CV-9 USS Essex
1970-jun-26DecommissionedUS CVS-12 USS Hornet
1998-oct-17Fate: museumUS CVS-12 USS Hornet at Alameda, CA

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