UK Tide class

Support Ship


Previously known during design development as the Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) Tanker, these double-hulled ships will carry bulk fuel, oil and fresh water to supply Royal Navy ships at sea, from c 2016.

Derivatives / Succeeded by
2019 NO Maud class


37000light (tn)
200.80length (m)
28.60beam (m)
10draught (m)

2Naval Gun single 30 mm
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 01
UK Royal Air Force B 414 - H-47D Chinook 01


KR Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering - Geoje-Daero4

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----UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA138RFA TidesurgeGXRM - TU
2017--UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA136RFA TidespringGXRG
2018--UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA137RFA TideraceGXRL - TR
2019--UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA139RFA TideforceGXRN - TF
2019--NORoyal Norwegian NavyA530Maud class KNM MaudLBEB

5 units


2012-febOrderedOrdered UK A137 RFA Tiderace
2012-febOrderedOrdered UK A136 RFA Tidespring
2012-febOrderedOrdered UK A138 RFA Tidesurge
2012-feb-22OrderedOrdered UK A139 RFA Tideforce
2014-jun-27Laid downLaid down UK A136 RFA Tidespring first steel cut at DSME Okpo yard.
2015-dec-24Laid downLaid down UK A139 RFA Tideforce Yard No. 7047
2016-dec-01 UK A137 RFA Tiderace Naming ceremony at DSME Okpo, South Korea. Yard no 7045.
2017-jan-14TrialsTrials UK A137 RFA Tiderace start of builders pre-delivery trials
2017-jan-21LaunchedLaunched UK A139 RFA Tideforce
2017-apr-02HomeportHomeport UK A136 RFA Tidespring Arrived in Falmouth at Duchy Wharf, for UK weapons and communications fit
2017-jun-29 UK A137 RFA Tiderace accepted off contract by RFA at DSME, S Korea
2017-sep-25HomeportHomeport UK A137 RFA Tiderace Arrived in Falmouth at Duchy Wharf, for UK weapons and communications fit
2017-nov-27CommissionedCommissioned UK A136 RFA Tidespring Joined the RFA Fleet at Portsmouth as the 1st MARS tanker
2018-jan-24 UK A139 RFA Tideforce naming ceremony at DSWE Okpo
2018-mar-27HomeportHomeport UK A138 RFA Tidesurge Arrived in Falmouth at Duchy Wharf, for UK weapons and communications fit
2018-jul-30AircraftAircraft UK A137 RFA Tiderace 1st at sea landing of a Merlin HM.2, from 814 NAS
2018-augDeploymentDeployment UK A137 RFA Tiderace departed Portland as logistic support for HMS Queen Elizabeth maiden deployment on 11 week WESTLANT 18 exercise off east coast of USA.
2018-aug-02CommissionedCommissioned UK A137 RFA Tiderace Joined the RFA Fleet at Portland as 2nd Tide class MARS tanker
2018-aug-15HomeportHomeport UK A139 RFA Tideforce Arrived in Falmouth, for UK weapons and communications fit
2018-novTrialsTrials UK A138 RFA Tidesurge Conducting First of Class Flying Trials with RAF Chinook.
2018-nov-02Port VisitPort Visit UK A137 RFA Tiderace In Plymouth Sound, at C Buoy
2019-febRefitRefit UK A136 RFA Tidespring Feb 2019 to Cammell-Laird for periodic hull inspection and installation of Phalanx mounting points only. Planned 4 month alongside has extended significantly.
2019-may-04Port VisitPort Visit UK A139 RFA Tideforce Tied up at D Buoy in Plymouth Sound.
2019-augRefitRefit UK A137 RFA Tiderace Aug 2019, to Cammell-Laird for periodic hull inspection. In queue for work once RFA Tidespring completes. Refit complete by Jun 2020
2019-sep-02AircraftAircraft UK A139 RFA Tideforce Wildcat HMA.2 of 815 NAS embarked as Tideforce Flt, in preparation for WESTLANT deployment later in the month.
2019-sep-26DeploymentDeployment UK A139 RFA Tideforce Supporting HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Dragon and HMS Northumberland during WESTLANT19, off US east coast.
2019-oct-05DeploymentDeployment UK A138 RFA Tidesurge Exercise Joint Warrior 19-2 Participated in JW19-2
2019-dec-20Port VisitPort Visit UK A136 RFA Tidespring alongside at HMNB Devonport for Christmas
2020-may-15DeploymentDeployment UK A139 RFA Tideforce secured to C buoy in Plymouth Sound.
2020-sepDeploymentDeployment UK A136 RFA Tidespring participated in Joint Exercise in high arctic with KNM Thor Heyerdahl, USS Ross and HMS Sutherland.
2020-sep-21DeploymentDeployment UK A139 RFA Tideforce Exercise Joint Warrior 20-2 Participated in Ex Joint Warrior 20-2 off NW Scotland
2020-oct-17Port VisitPort Visit UK A139 RFA Tideforce alongside at Loch Striven after JW20-2.
2021-marDeploymentDeployment UK A137 RFA Tiderace Supprting HMS Lancaster and HMS Westminster as part of JEF international martime security and freedom of navigation deployment to the Baltic.
2021-apr-29RefitRefit UK A137 RFA Tiderace to Birkenhead, for refit
2021-may-06DeploymentDeployment UK A136 RFA Tidespring Exercise Strike Warrior 2021 performed RAS with HMNLS Van Amstel, off NW Scotland.
2021-jul-07DeploymentDeployment UK A136 RFA Tidespring Transit of Suez Canal from Mediterranean, with CSG21 main force.
2022-sep-21Port VisitPort Visit UK A139 RFA Tideforce visited Bahamas with Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ528 embarked.
2024-marDeploymentDeployment UK A136 RFA Tidespring Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 participated in Ex Nordic Response around Norwegian and Arctic waters

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