Guided-Missile Destroyer Sejongdaewang (KDX-III) class


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8500light (tn)
11000full load (tn)
166length (m)
21beam (m)
6draught (m)
5500range (nm)
30max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGAG
2Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS
1Close-In Weapon System Goalkeeper
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPY-1 AEGIS
1Naval Radar fire direction radar AN/SPG-62


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    Typical Max
KR ROK Navy Westland Lynx 02

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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KR Hyundai - Jeonha Dong1

List of Ships

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KRROK NavyDDG 991ROKS Sejongdaewang2008--
KRROK NavyDDG 992ROKS Yulgok Yi I2010--
KRROK NavyDDG 993ROKS Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong2012--

3 units


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2007-may-25LaunchedKR DDG 991 ROKS Sejongdaewang
2008-nov-14LaunchedKR DDG 992 ROKS Yulgok Yi I
2008-dec-22CommissionedKR DDG 991 ROKS Sejongdaewang
2010-junCommissionedKR DDG 992 ROKS Yulgok Yi I
2011-mar-24LaunchedKR DDG 993 ROKS Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong

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