CA Type 1100 class



Icebreakers Type 1100 class


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4660full load (tn)
83length (m)
16beam (m)
6draught (m)
14000range (nm)
15max speed (knots)
3Naval Engine diesel
3Naval Engine electric motors


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    Typical Max
CA Canadian Coast Guard Bell 206 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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CA Burrard Dry Dock - North Vancouver2
CA Canadian Shipbuilding + Engineering (PWDD) - Port Weller, Lake Ontario1
CA Halifax Shipyards - 1
CA Marine Industries Limited - 1

List of Ships

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CACanadian Coast GuardCCGS George R PearkesCGCX1986--
CACanadian Coast GuardCCGS Martha L BlackCGCC1986--
CACanadian Coast GuardCCGS Edward CornwallisCGJV1986--
CACanadian Coast GuardCCGS Sir Wilfrid LaurierCGJK1986--
CACanadian Coast GuardCCGS Sir William AlexanderCGUM1987--
CACanadian Coast GuardCCGS Ann HarveyCGAH1987--

6 units


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1986-apr-17CommissionedCA CCGS George R Pearkes
1986-apr-30CommissionedCA CCGS Martha L Black
1986-aug-14CommissionedCA CCGS Edward Cornwallis
1986-nov-15CommissionedCA CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier
1987-feb-13CommissionedCA CCGS Sir William Alexander
1987-jun-29CommissionedCA CCGS Ann Harvey
1998HomeportCA CCGS Martha L Black Quebec
1998HomeportCA CCGS George R Pearkes Quebec
1998HomeportCA CCGS Edward Cornwallis Dartmouth
1998HomeportCA CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier Victoria
1998HomeportCA CCGS Sir William Alexander Dartmouth
1998HomeportCA CCGS Ann Harvey St Johns, NF
2010-jun-9Port VisitCA CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy visited CFB Esquimalt for MARPAC Fleet Review

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