BR Inhaúma class



Corvette Inhaúma class

Derivatives / Succeeded by
2008 BR Barroso class


1600light (tn)
1970full load (tn)
95.80length (m)
11.40beam (m)
3.70draught (m)
4000range (nm)
27max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine diesel - MTU
1Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500

4Missile Launcher MM40 Exocet

1Naval Gun Mark 8 4.5 inch (114mm)
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm

1Naval Radar fire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-10X
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1007

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
BR Brazilian Navy Westland Lynx mk21 01


BR Arsenal de Marinha - Ilha das Cobras2
BR Verolme - Verolme2

  List of Ships

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19892016BRBrazilian NavyV30Inhaúma
19912019 sunk 2021BRBrazilian NavyV31Jaceguai
1992--BRBrazilian NavyV32Julio de Noronha
19942015 sunk 2016BRBrazilian NavyV33Frontin
2008--BRBrazilian NavyV34Barroso class Barroso

5 units


1982-feb-15OrderedOrdered BR V30 Inhaúma
1982-feb-15OrderedOrdered BR V31 Jaceguai
1983-sep-23Laid downLaid down BR V30 Inhaúma
1984-oct-15Laid downLaid down BR V31 Jaceguai
1986-jan-09OrderedOrdered BR V32 Julio de Noronha
1986-jan-09OrderedOrdered BR V33 Frontin
1986-dec-08Laid downLaid down BR V32 Julio de Noronha
1986-dec-13LaunchedLaunched BR V30 Inhaúma
1987-may-14Laid downLaid down BR V33 Frontin
1987-jun-08LaunchedLaunched BR V31 Jaceguai
1989-dec-12CommissionedCommissioned BR V30 Inhaúma
1989-dec-15LaunchedLaunched BR V32 Julio de Noronha completed by Arsenal de Marinha
1991-aug-02CommissionedCommissioned BR V31 Jaceguai
1992-feb-06LaunchedLaunched BR V33 Frontin completed by Arsenal de Marinha
1992-oct-27CommissionedCommissioned BR V32 Julio de Noronha
1994-mar-11CommissionedCommissioned BR V33 Frontin
2015-sep-23DecommissionedDecommissioned BR V33 Frontin
2016-apr-12Fate: sunkFate: sunk BR V33 Frontin sunk by Seahawk with Penguin during MISSILEX 2016
2016-nov-25DecommissionedDecommissioned BR V30 Inhaúma
2019-sep-18DecommissionedDecommissioned BR V31 Jaceguai
2021-jun-24Fate: sunkFate: sunk BR V31 Jaceguai target ship for Seahawk Penguin live fire exercise

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