NZ Canterbury class

Landing Ship/Platform Dock


Landing Ship/Platform Dock Canterbury class


131length (m)
23.40beam (m)
19max speed (knots)

1Naval Gun single 25 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
NZ Royal New Zealand Air Force NHI NH90 TTH 24
NZ RNZN Kaman Seasprite 14


NL Merwede Shipyard - 1

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2007--NZRoyal New Zealand NavyL421HMNZS CanterburyZMCR - CAN

1 units


2004-julOrderedOrdered NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury from Tenix Defence (Australia) and subsequently subcontracted to Merwede Shipyard (Netherlands)
2005-sep-06Laid downLaid down NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury
2006-feb-11LaunchedLaunched NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury
2007-jun-12CommissionedCommissioned NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury
2007-augHomeportHomeport NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury arrived HMNZNB Devonport
2011-febDeploymentDeployment NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury Christchurch Earthquake 2011 deployed to Lyttleton (nr Christchurch) for a scheduled Exercise, it quickly turned into a Humanitarian and Disaster Relief mission, when the earthquake struck on 22 Feb. Also shuttled back and forth to Wellington, ferrying emergency supplies and equipment.
2013-aug-26TrialsTrials NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury First of Class flight trials with Australian MRH90 to establish the operating envelope of a similar type on HMNZS Canterbury.
2016-novAircraftAircraft NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury Exercise Mahi Tangaroa 16, Australian Romeo 7 on board
2016-nov-14DeploymentDeployment NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury Kaikoura Earthquake relief operations diverted from Auckland to assist in earthquake relief off Kaikoura. Main offshore platform for NZDF relief effort. Returned to Lyttleton on 20 Nov with 192 evacuees, for re-tasking.
2017-mar-24Port VisitPort Visit NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury anchored off Raoul Island in Kermadec Group, to assist in maintenance of the Tsunami Early Warning System.
2018-mar-24DeploymentDeployment NZ L421 HMNZS Canterbury Navy Open Day 2018 At Navy Open Day

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