Chaff and decoys Mark 36 SRBOC

Used by

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1963US Support Ship Mars class1
1964CA Destroyer Annapolis class4
1964US Support Ship Sacramento class1
1968US Support Ship Kilauea class1
1975US Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Nimitz class8
1976US Assault Carrier Tarawa class1
1985US Landing Ship/Platform Dock Whidbey Island class4
1990PT Frigate Vasco da Gama class1
1991US Guided-Missile Destroyer Arleigh Burke Flight I class1
1995NL Support Ship Amsterdam class4
1995ES Support Ship PatiƱo class4
1996AU Frigate Anzac class1
1998NL Landing Ship/Platform Dock Rotterdam class1
2003DE Guided-Missile Destroyer F 124 Sachsen class1
2005NL Landing Ship/Platform Dock Improved Rotterdam class1
2006US Landing Ship/Platform Dock San Antonio class4
2009US Littoral combat ship Independence class4

In Service

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US United States Naval Aviation
CA Canadian Armed Forces
PT Portuguese Navy
PE Peruvian Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
ES Spanish Navy
NZ Royal New Zealand Navy
AU Royal Australian Navy
DE German Navy

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