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  • RU Kiev (Project 1143 Krechyet) class

    Aircraft Carrier V STOL


        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    RU Improved Kiev class 1987


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    43500full load (tn)
    250length (m)
    32.60beam (m)
    12draught (m)
    32max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine steam turbines


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        Typical Max
    RU Russian Navy Kamov ka-27 Helix 1017

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UA Chernomorsky Shipyard - Zavods'kyi3

    List of Ships

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    RURussian NavyRFS Kiev19751993
    RURussian Navy042RFS Minsk19781993
    RURussian NavyRFS Novorossiysk19821993
    RURussian NavyImproved Kiev class RFS Gorshkov19871996
    IN Indian Navy R33 INS Vikramaditya 2013--

    4 units


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    1970-jul-21Laid downRU RFS Kiev
    1972-dec-27LaunchedRU RFS Kiev
    1972-dec-29Laid downRU 042 RFS Minsk
    1975-jan-3CommissionedRU RFS Kiev
    1975-sep-30LaunchedRU 042 RFS Minsk
    1975-sep-30Laid downRU RFS Novorossiysk
    1978-sep-28CommissionedRU 042 RFS Minsk
    1978-dec-24LaunchedRU RFS Novorossiysk
    1982CommissionedRU RFS Novorossiysk
    1983DeploymentRU RFS Novorossiysk maiden deployment with at least 16 Ka-27 observed.
    1993-junStruckRU RFS Kiev
    1993-junStruckRU 042 RFS Minsk
    1993-junStruckRU RFS Novorossiysk
    2000-may-10Fate: museumRU 042 RFS Minsk Main attraction at Minsk World military theme park.

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