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38000full load (tn)
270length (m)
28beam (m)
9.50draught (m)
33max speed (knots)


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US Newport News Shipbuilding - 1
US Philadelphia Naval Shipyard - 1

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCV-18USS Wasp19431972
CV-15USS RandolphNWBD1944--
USUS NavyCV-36USS AntietamNHCY19451963
USUS NavyCV-37USS Princeton19451959
LPH-5 USS Princeton 19591970
USUS NavyCV-39USS Lake ChamplainNTCR - 3919451966
USUS NavyCVS-45USS Valley Forge19461961
LPH-8 USS Valley Forge 19611970

6 units


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1942-mar-18Laid downUS CV-18 USS Wasp as USS Oriskany
1943-mar-15Laid downUS CV-36 USS Antietam
1943-mar-15Laid downUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain at Norfolk Naval Yard
1943-may-10Laid down CV-15 USS Randolph
1943-aug-17LaunchedUS CV-18 USS Wasp
1943-nov-24CommissionedUS CV-18 USS Wasp
1944-jun-28Launched CV-15 USS Randolph
1944-aug-20LaunchedUS CV-36 USS Antietam
1944-oct-9Commissioned CV-15 USS Randolph
1944-nov-2LaunchedUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain from dry dock
1945-jan-28CommissionedUS CV-36 USS Antietam
1945-jun-3CommissionedUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain
1945-sep-18CommissionedUS CV-37 USS Princeton as CV-37
1946-nov-3CommissionedUS CVS-45 USS Valley Forge in Philadelphia, as CV-45
1948-aug-14HomeportUS CVS-45 USS Valley Forge transferred to NB San Diego
1950-jun-29DeploymentUS CVS-45 USS Valley Forge rapidly stored and departed Subic Bay with CAG-5 embarked, to stand off N Korea to join Task Group 77.4 (with HMS Triumph), following invasion of S Korea
1951-jan-17DeploymentUS CV-36 USS Antietam brought out of decommission to join forces around Korea, returned Mar 1952.
1952-mar-21Port VisitUS CV-36 USS Antietam docked in Yokosuka following her Korean deployment to prepare for return to USA.
1952-sepRefitUS CV-36 USS Antietam refit for conversion as CVA-36 at New York Naval Shipyard until Dec 1952
1952-octUS CVS-45 USS Valley Forge redesignated CVA-45
1952-oct-1US CV-18 USS Wasp Reclassified as CVA
1953RefitUS CVS-45 USS Valley Forge after her 4th Korean deployment, transferred to Atlantic Fleet and became CVS-45, after refit at NS Norfolk.
1954-janUS CV-37 USS Princeton reclassified CVS-37
1955-jun-18Refit CV-15 USS Randolph Angled deck conversion, until Jan 1956
1956-octDeploymentUS CV-36 USS Antietam departed Rotterdam to join US 6th Fleet in Mediterranean, operating S of Italy while shadowing the British and French Musketeer operations around Suez.
1956-octDeployment CV-15 USS Randolph US 6th Fleet, operating in Eastern Mediterranean while evacuating US citizens from Alexandria and shadowing the British and French Musketeer operations
1956-nov-1US CV-18 USS Wasp Reclassified as CVS
1957-augRefitUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain converted to anti-submarine carrier, as CVS-39
1958-julDeploymentUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain Operation Blue Bat part of US 6th Fleet, when tasked with support for Lebanese stability operations in Eastern Mediterranean. HUP-2 of HU-2 (det 34) and HSS-1 of HS-3 were embarked. Operations continued until 23 Aug.
1958-sep-4HomeportUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain Quonset Point, RI
1961-may-5DeploymentUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain recovered Mercury capsule Freedom 7 and with it Commander Alan Shepard after its first sub-orbital flight, by HSS-1N Seabat of HS-5.
1961-jul-21Deployment CV-15 USS Randolph recovery ship for Mercury 4 spaceflight Liberty Bell 7, in Carribean.
1962-feb-20Deployment CV-15 USS Randolph primary recovery ship for Mercury 6 spaceflight Friendship 7
1963-may-8DecommissionedUS CV-36 USS Antietam
1965-jan-19DeploymentUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain recovered unmanned Gemini test capsule after a sub-orbital flight, by an embarked SH-3.
1965-aug-29DeploymentUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain recovered Gemini 5 capsule and with it Charles Conrad and L Gordon Cooper, after its orbital flight, by embarked SH-3.
1966-may-2DecommissionedUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain at Philadelphia Naval Yard
1969-feb-13Decommissioned CV-15 USS Randolph at Boston Navy Yard
1969-jun-29Port VisitUS CV-18 USS Wasp visit Copenhagen, Denmark. SH-3D 156495 aboard
1969-dec-1StruckUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain
1970-jan-30DecommissionedUS LPH-5 USS Princeton
1971StruckUS LPH-5 USS Princeton
1971-octFate: scrappedUS LPH-8 USS Valley Forge
1972-apr-28Fate: scrappedUS CV-39 USS Lake Champlain sold for scrapping
1972-jul-1DecommissionedUS CV-18 USS Wasp
1973-may-1StruckUS CV-36 USS Antietam
1973-jun-15Struck CV-15 USS Randolph
1974Fate: scrappedUS CV-36 USS Antietam
1975-mayFate: scrapped CV-15 USS Randolph sold for scrapping, in New Jersey

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