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  • US National Security Cutter

    US Hamilton class
    Coast Guards


    Coast Guards National Security Cutter

    Also known as Legend-class. Part of the Integrated Deepwater System Program


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    4600full load (tn)
    127length (m)
    16beam (m)
    6.90draught (m)
    12000range (nm)
    29max speed (knots)


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        Typical Max
    US USCG SNIA HH-65 Dolphin 12
    US USCG Sikorsky S-70 H-60 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Ingalls Shipbuilding - 3

    List of Ships

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    USUSCGWMSL-750USCGC Bertholf2008--
    USUSCGWMSL-751USCGC Waesche2010--
    USUSCGWMSL-752USCGC Stratton2012--
    USUSCGWMSL-753USCGC Hamilton2014--
    USUSCGWMSL-754USCGC James2015--
    USUSCGWMSL-756USCGC KimballNKIM2019--
    USUSCGWMSL-758USCGC Stone2020--

    8 units


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    2005-mar-29Laid downUS WMSL-750 USCGC Bertholf
    2006-sep-11Laid downUS WMSL-751 USCGC Waesche
    2006-sep-29LaunchedUS WMSL-750 USCGC Bertholf
    2008-jul-12LaunchedUS WMSL-751 USCGC Waesche
    2008-aug-4CommissionedUS WMSL-750 USCGC Bertholf
    2009-jul-20Laid downUS WMSL-752 USCGC Stratton
    2010HomeportUS WMSL-751 USCGC Waesche Alameda
    2010-may-7CommissionedUS WMSL-751 USCGC Waesche
    2012-marHomeportUS WMSL-752 USCGC Stratton
    2012-mar-31CommissionedUS WMSL-752 USCGC Stratton
    2012-sep-5Laid downUS WMSL-753 USCGC Hamilton
    2013-apr-30OrderedUS WMSL-755 USCGC Munro
    2013-may-17Laid downUS WMSL-754 USCGC James
    2013-aug-13LaunchedUS WMSL-753 USCGC Hamilton
    2014HomeportUS WMSL-750 USCGC Bertholf Alameda
    2014-may-3LaunchedUS WMSL-754 USCGC James
    2014-nov-5Laid downUS WMSL-755 USCGC Munro at Pascagoula
    2014-decCommissionedUS WMSL-753 USCGC Hamilton
    2014-decHomeportUS WMSL-753 USCGC Hamilton
    2015-augHomeportUS WMSL-754 USCGC James
    2015-aug-8CommissionedUS WMSL-754 USCGC James
    2015-sep-12LaunchedUS WMSL-755 USCGC Munro
    2016-mar-4Laid downUS WMSL-756 USCGC Kimball at Huntingdon Ingalls Shipbuilders in Pascagoula
    2016-dec-17LaunchedUS WMSL-756 USCGC Kimball
    2017-aprHomeportUS WMSL-755 USCGC Munro Alameda
    2017-apr-1CommissionedUS WMSL-755 USCGC Munro
    2018-sep-14Laid downUS WMSL-758 USCGC Stone
    2018-sep-19US WMSL-756 USCGC Kimball USCG accepted delivery from Ingalls
    2019-janHomeportUS WMSL-756 USCGC Kimball Honolulu
    2019-oct-4LaunchedUS WMSL-758 USCGC Stone
    2020CommissionedUS WMSL-758 USCGC Stone
    2020-decHomeportUS WMSL-758 USCGC Stone Charleston

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