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  • 1984    


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    2450full load (tn)
    93length (m)


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Brooke Marine - 1
    UK Vosper Thornycroft - Woolston1

    List of Ships

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    DZAlgerian National Navy472Kalaat Beni Hammad1984--
    DZAlgerian National Navy473Kalaat Beni Rached1984--

    2 units


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    1983-may-18LaunchedDZ 472 Kalaat Beni Hammad
    1984-aprCommissionedDZ 472 Kalaat Beni Hammad
    1984-may-15LaunchedDZ 473 Kalaat Beni Rached
    1984-octCommissionedDZ 473 Kalaat Beni Rached
    2012-novRefitDZ 473 Kalaat Beni Rached at Navantia for 18 month refit. Handed back to Algeria 12 Jun 2014
    2014-junRefitDZ 472 Kalaat Beni Hammad at Navantia for 18 month refit

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