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  • US Forrestal class

    Aircraft Carrier


        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    US Kitty Hawk class 1961
                            US America (1965) class 1965
                                                    US John F Kennedy class 1968


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    78000full load (tn)
    330length (m)
    39.50beam (m)
    11draught (m)
    34max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine steam turbines


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    US New York Naval Shipyard - 2
    US Newport News Shipbuilding - 2

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyCV-59USS ForrestalNJVF - 5919551993
    USUS NavyCVA-60USS SaratogaNJRS - 6019561994
    USUS NavyCVA-61USS RangerNHKG - 6119571993
    USUS NavyCVA-62USS IndependenceNNQN - 6219591998
    USUS NavyCV-63Kitty Hawk class USS Kitty HawkNZFF - 6319612009
    USUS NavyCV-64Kitty Hawk class USS ConstellationNNUL - 6419612003
    USUS NavyCV-66America (1965) class USS AmericaNUSA - 6619651996
    USUS NavyCV-67John F Kennedy class USS John F KennedyNJFK - 6719682007

    8 units


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    1951-jul-12OrderedUS CV-59 USS Forrestal
    1952-jul-14Laid downUS CV-59 USS Forrestal
    1952-jul-23OrderedUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga as CVB-60
    1952-dec-16Laid downUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga as CVA-60, in Brooklyn
    1954-jul-2OrderedUS CVA-62 USS Independence
    1954-aug-2Laid downUS CVA-61 USS Ranger
    1954-dec-11LaunchedUS CV-59 USS Forrestal as CVA-59
    1955-jul-1Laid downUS CVA-62 USS Independence
    1955-oct-1CommissionedUS CV-59 USS Forrestal and based at Norfolk, VA
    1955-oct-8LaunchedUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga
    1956-apr-14CommissionedUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga
    1956-sep-29LaunchedUS CVA-61 USS Ranger
    1956-octDeploymentUS CV-59 USS Forrestal operating in Mediterranean with escort USS Des Moines (CA-134) while shadowing the British and French Musketeer operations
    1957-aug-10CommissionedUS CVA-61 USS Ranger at Norfolk Naval Station
    1957-octPort VisitUS CV-59 USS Forrestal visit to Southampton, UK
    1958-jun-6LaunchedUS CVA-62 USS Independence
    1958-julDeploymentUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga Operation Blue Bat part of US 6th Fleet, when tasked with support for Lebanese stability operations in Eastern Mediterranean. HUP-2 of HU-2 (det 43) were embarked. Operations continued until 23 Aug.
    1958-aug-20HomeportUS CVA-61 USS Ranger Alameda, Pacific Fleet
    1959-jan-10CommissionedUS CVA-62 USS Independence
    1959-jun-30HomeportUS CVA-62 USS Independence Norfolk, VA
    1960-nov-30DeploymentUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga joint US-UK exercise in Western Mediterranean, including HMS Ark Royal, HMS Hermes, HMS Victorious, USS Independence and USS Intrepid.
    1960-nov-30DeploymentUS CVA-62 USS Independence joint US-UK exercise in Western Mediterranean, including HMS Ark Royal, HMS Hermes, HMS Victorious, USS Intrepid and USS Saratoga.
    1962-augDeploymentUS CV-59 USS Forrestal operating off Portugal with HMS Centaur, HMS Hermes and USS Enterprise during, Exercise RipTide II.
    1963-oct-30TrialsUS CV-59 USS Forrestal conducted 1st set of deck landing trials with USMC KC-130F 798 off Jacksonville, FL
    1963-nov-8TrialsUS CV-59 USS Forrestal conducted 2nd set of deck landing trials with USMC KC-130F 798, 90nm E of Boston. Findings led to C-2 Greyhound COD programme.
    1967-jul-25DeploymentUS CV-59 USS Forrestal Departed Norfolk VA with her air wing (including a detachment from HS-2) on 6 Jun 1967, for Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam, arrived 25 Jul. On 29 Jul a weapons release accident caused a huge fire on deck amongst an armed and fuelled strike force. 135 lost their lives bringing the blaze under control. Steamed to Subic Bay for temporary repairs and returned to Norfolk on 15 Sep.
    1974-julDeploymentUS CV-59 USS Forrestal Partition of Cyprus detached from US 6th Fleet in Mediterannean and ordered off Cyprus to support and if neccesary evacuate US Nationals in aftermath of Turkish invasion of the island. Operated with support of USS Inchon, HS-3 embarked.
    1975-julHomeportUS CV-59 USS Forrestal designation changed to CV-59 and moved to Mayport Naval Station, FL
    1981-feb-2Port VisitUS CVA-62 USS Independence visited Fremantle, until 7 Feb.
    1982US CV-59 USS Forrestal helicopter crash
    1986-octAircraftUS CVA-61 USS Ranger port visit English Bay, Vancouver, BC. Sea King 149719
    1988-oct-8HomeportUS CVA-62 USS Independence San Diego, CA
    1991-sepHomeportUS CVA-62 USS Independence relieved USS Midway at Yokosuka, as forward-deployed carrier, until Aug 1998.
    1992-feb-4HomeportUS CV-59 USS Forrestal designation changed to AVT-59 and moved to Pensacola Naval Station, FL
    1993-jul-10DecommissionedUS CVA-61 USS Ranger at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
    1993-sep-11DecommissionedUS CV-59 USS Forrestal
    1994-aug-20DecommissionedUS CVA-60 USS Saratoga
    1997-febPort VisitUS CVA-62 USS Independence first carrier to visit Guam since 1961.
    1997-aprPort VisitUS CVA-62 USS Independence first carrier to visit Port Klang
    1998-sep-30DecommissionedUS CVA-62 USS Independence at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA
    2004-mar-8StruckUS CVA-62 USS Independence
    2014-feb-4Fate: scrappedUS CV-59 USS Forrestal towed from Philadelphia Naval Yard to Texas for scrapping, completed by Dec 2014.
    2016-apr-17US CVA-62 USS Independence still laid up at Puget Sound, pending scrapping in Texas.

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