US Midway class

Aircraft Carrier



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296length (m)
41.50beam (m)
10.50draught (m)
33max speed (knots)


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US Newport News Shipbuilding - 2

List of Ships

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USUS NavyCVA-41USS MidwayNIIW - 4119451992
USUS NavyCVB-43USS Coral SeaNIJA19471990

2 units


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1943-oct-27Laid downUS CVA-41 USS Midway
1944-jul-10Laid downUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea
1945-mar-20LaunchedUS CVA-41 USS Midway
1945-sep-10CommissionedUS CVA-41 USS Midway
1946-apr-2LaunchedUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea
1947-oct-1CommissionedUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea
1956-octDeploymentUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea US 6th Fleet, operating in Eastern Mediterranean while shadowing the British and French Musketeer operations
1957-may-24RefitUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea Major refit at Puget Sound, completed Jan 1960
1973-sep-11DeploymentUS CVA-41 USS Midway departed NAS Alameda for forward deployment to Yokosuka, with CVW-5 embarked (including the SH-3G of HC-1 Det 2).
1973-oct-5HomeportUS CVA-41 USS Midway Yokosuka
1990-apr-30DecommissionedUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea
1990-oct-20US CVA-41 USS Midway USS Midway with CVW-5 Aboard deployed for Operation Desert Storm through 17 April 1991
1991-jun-10US CVA-41 USS Midway Departed Yokosuka Japan for Operation Fiery Vigil after Mt. Pinatubo eruption in Philippines. Returned to Yokosuka Japan on 01JUL91
1992-apr-11DecommissionedUS CVA-41 USS Midway at NAS North Island
2000Fate: scrappedUS CVB-43 USS Coral Sea scrapping delayed but commenced in 2000

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