Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Kirov class

Project 1144 nuclear powered, guided missle cruiser.


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24300light (tn)
28000full load (tn)
252length (m)
28.50beam (m)
9.10draught (m)
32max speed (knots)


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    Typical Max
RU Russian Navy Kamov ka-27 Helix 03

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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RU Baltiysky Zavod - Vassilievski Island2

List of Ships

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RURussian Navy059RFS Admiral Ushakov1980--
RURussian Navy099RFS Pyotr Velikiy1998--

2 units


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1974-mar-27Laid downRU 059 RFS Admiral Ushakov
1977-dec-26LaunchedRU 059 RFS Admiral Ushakov as Kirov
1980-dec-30CommissionedRU 059 RFS Admiral Ushakov
1981-mayDeploymentRU 059 RFS Admiral Ushakov Leading small task group in northern Atlantic from her Barents Sea base
1986-mar-11Laid downRU 099 RFS Pyotr Velikiy Yard No 803. Laid down as Yuri Andropov
1989-apr-29LaunchedRU 099 RFS Pyotr Velikiy
1992RU 059 RFS Admiral Ushakov renamed Admiral Ushakov
1992-may-27RU 099 RFS Pyotr Velikiy Renamed: Pyotr Velikiy
1998-apr-9CommissionedRU 099 RFS Pyotr Velikiy

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